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26 Weeks – Consultant Appointment and Blood Pressure Clinic

A few days ago, I had my consultant appointment at the hospital. I had originally been referred due to my BMI, but with the blood pressure concerns coming up, that had become the focus of the appointment.

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It’s Not a Disability

One of the biggest struggles I’ve had¬†since being pregnant is travelling. I travel every day into Central London for work during rush hour. It’s a twenty minute journey and most of the time the train is very busy.

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Twenty-Five Week Midwife Appointment and Blood Pressure Drama

Last Friday I had my twenty five¬†week midwife appointment. It’s nice that since changing hospitals, I don’t dread midwife appointments any more and I actually look forward to them. It does make the world of difference.

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24 Weeks and Viability

Friday 4th of September was a very exciting day for this little family of mine. It was the day that we finally reached twenty-four weeks pregnant and medical viability.

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Getting The Nursery Ready

Yeah, I know, we’ve maybe peaked a little early on this one!

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20 Weeks! Half Way, Misbehaving Babies and Names!

Today I am 20 weeks pregnant! Little girl is apparently the size of a banana or a whoopie cushion, depending which site you are reading. She apparently has everything that she will have when she is fully grown, just in … Continue reading

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Eighteen Weeks!

Today we are eighteen weeks pregnant.

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Disbelief… (17+2)

I have to say, I’m still finding it hard to believe that we are here.

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Finding Out Who Is In There…

Yesterday (16+5), we had our gender scan. The countdown had been absolutely immense! Both of us were tired of calling baby “Chip” or “they” as people often said “are you having more than one?!”

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Second Trimester

That’s right – SECOND TRIMESTER! We are now almost sixteen weeks into this pregnancy and I really have no idea where the time has gone.

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