Sites We Like

In your trying to conceive, pregnancy and parenting Journey, you will be shocked how useful the internet can be! Anything can be found if you look for it. We have used the internet for everything from finding our donor, researching method and talking to other ladies trying for a baby, to setting up and writing this blog. Here’s some sites that we have found useful!

Baby And Bump – my very favourite forum on the internet! Here you can find sub forums for any child related issue that you can think of. Right from Waiting To Try, Trying To Conceive, Long Term Trying To Conceive, Assisted Conception and Pregnancy Loss, through to forums for pregnancy, breastfeeding, formula feeding, birth stories and behavioural issues. I love Baby and Bump!

Fertility Friends – A lovely forum that is generally more geared towards to assisted conception side of things


 Fertility Friend – The Trying to Conceive Bible! A great place for charting your body signs and your temperatures, and charting your symptoms in the two week wait. They also have a very useful Ipad app

Countdown To Pregnancy – Another useful site for charting. They have forums and free tickers too

Two Week Wait – A great site where people who get a positive test share their “symptoms” of pregnancy on a day to day basis. WARNING! This site will make you think you are pregnant… every month… even when you didn’t try…

Facebook Groups 

The UK Sperm Donor and Recipient Hangout – A place for donors and recipients to link up.

WOMEN ONLY – Sperm Recipient Support Group – A women only group for support and advice.

Other Bloggers

Here’s some blogs that I very much enjoy reading. Most of them are trying to conceive or pregnancy related, but some cover other subjects.

LesBeMums – The adventures of K and S and their lovely little boy, T!

Not a Perfect Parent – Home of the fantastic Naomi, Babs and Lola.

The Little Embryo That Could – Noah’s adventures from embryo onwards!

Chronicles of a Non Belly Mama – One of my very favourites

My Two Mums – Two lovely mummies who made the TTC journey and have their lovely little one

Chicklets Mums – Two mummies growing a gorgeous baby

Big Trouble in Little Nappies – What it says on the tin

Penny Insane – A challenging blog working through life and mental health stereotypes after some very difficult times. Someone who I have a lot of admiration for.

Hound Mamas – Mummies of two lovely hounds and making a miracle.


Help and Support

Tommy’s – For support through pregnancy, including problems with prematurity, pregnancy complications and miscarriage

The Miscarriage Association – Support for all kinds of pregnancy loss, and trying again after

Kicks Count – a pregnancy charity with lots of information to keep little lives safe.

If you wish to be featured on this site, feel free to drop me a message  and I will give you an add. All I ask is that links are reciprocated

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  1. lesbemums says:

    Yay. We made the list – thanks!

    Loving the blog by the way, especially the comparison between bump and a fruit at the moment. Very cute! Congratulations again, ladies! x

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