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8dpo – Temp Rise! And More Symptom Spotting

I was pretty surprised this morning for my temp to SHOOT up! And this was with taking it an hour earlier than normal! It makes me ¬†quietly hopeful. Here’s my chart, and then here’s it overlayed with previous charts – … Continue reading

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2DPO – Crazy Lady Symptom Spotting – You Cray Cray!

2dpo. I love to symptom spot. I figure I will do it whether or not I am pregnant or will be pregnant, so may as well give in to it! ¬†Here’s some super fun ” far too early to mean … Continue reading

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REVIEW – Clipper After Dinner Mints Infusion

In the spirit of the weight loss and making my body healthier for baby, I decided to invest in a good peppermint tea. Peppermint Tea is historically known for promoting calmness, but also helping with digestion, helping with bloating and … Continue reading

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Gaining a god daughter.

IYesterday we visited some friends at home to meet their gorgeous baby girl, who was a week old yesterday. I work with both parents and we have become great friends over the last year, as well as enjoying spending time … Continue reading

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REVIEW – English Tea Shop "Slim Me" Tea Bags

As part of our trying to concieve journey, both. Amy and I have started on trying to lose weight. There has been no “diet” involved thus far – we are just making more healthy choices. Consequently, I’m always on the … Continue reading

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Reflecting on 26

This week I turned the grand old age of twenty six years old. It’s been a big couple of weeks for me, so I thought if have a chat about it here whilst in the pre ovulation limbo land. The … Continue reading

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Cycle Day One!

And so we are back at the beginning. Cycle day one. My period arrived this morning in full force, with dreadful cramps. I had kind of hoped that my luteal phase would have a been a little linger, but as … Continue reading

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Beautiful OPK and no donor

You would think with this beautiful opk yesterday that we were in with a good chance this month. But sadly not as out donor turned out to be unavailable. Not just yesterday, but for the whole week ahead. To say … Continue reading

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