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Six Weeks!

Today Squishy is six weeks old! According to Babycenter, this is what is happening this week…

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Pee On A Stick Party

I got rid of the majority of my pregnancy tests this morning. Of course it would be a waste of money to just throw them away, so of course I peed on them.

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Five Weeks Pregnant

Today I am five weeks pregnant. This means Squishy is about the size of an Appleseed.

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Four Weeks and Four Days… PREGNANT,

Pregnant! Bloody finally, right? It has been two years and four months since the very first time we tried for our baby, and they are finally now making their home in my womb. Snuggle in tight, Squishy! We love you! … Continue reading

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Took this last night. 11dpo with my period one day late. Seeing those words come up was amazing. Amy was holding the test at the time and her face lit up!

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