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Fun With Dates

Having some fun. This is all part of my positive thinking. Having a baby is going to happen for us at some point, so I’m going to do this every cycle! If we get caught this month this is the … Continue reading

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8dpo – Temp Rise! And More Symptom Spotting

I was pretty surprised this morning for my temp to SHOOT up! And this was with taking it an hour earlier than normal! It makes me ¬†quietly hopeful. Here’s my chart, and then here’s it overlayed with previous charts – … Continue reading

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So, erm… How Does it Happen?

One of the most common questions we get asked as a lesbian couple that are ting for a baby is “how do you do it?” Some folk to go straight in with “so, do you sleep with your donor?” Which … Continue reading

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Reflecting on 26

This week I turned the grand old age of twenty six years old. It’s been a big couple of weeks for me, so I thought if have a chat about it here whilst in the pre ovulation limbo land. The … Continue reading

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Cycle Day One!

And so we are back at the beginning. Cycle day one. My period arrived this morning in full force, with dreadful cramps. I had kind of hoped that my luteal phase would have a been a little linger, but as … Continue reading

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