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Our Favourite Family Friendly Restaurants

As a family, we love to eat out. We never really ate out when I was a child, so I generally take every chance we get now for a restaurant meal. Our choices have changed somewhat since having Eden, though. … Continue reading

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Dear NICU Family…

As part of work I spend a few shifts here and there manning the reception in the Neonatal ward. I’m going to be honest here and say that before this job, I had never set foot in a neonatal ward. … Continue reading

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Eden’s Favourite Kiddylicious Snacks!

In our house – and I’m assuming in most where there are toddlers – snacking is key. Snacking can help avoid screaming on the bus. A handy snack can divert interest from something she shouldn’t be doing or can bridge … Continue reading

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Giving Baby Products a Much Needed Cuggl

When it comes to preparing for a new arrival, we experienced first hand how hard it is to find baby products that are functional, high quality and well priced too. Having a new baby is expensive! Especially when you need … Continue reading

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It’s Only Words…

Words are important. As humans, we spend a majority of our day expressing ourselves through words. We share words with others, teach using words and get what we need by using words. Some might say the world revolves around words…

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Getting Healthy and Gaining Confidence

Healthy eating is always a buzz topic. Every time you look at a women’s magazine there is an article about “How to Drop Fourteen Stone in a DAY!” and every time you go to Facebook or Instagram there is a … Continue reading

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Going Back To Where It All Began…

I started a new job this week as an administrator in the same maternity department that Eden was born in. A week in, I wanted to look back on last time I was here and how different it all looks from an … Continue reading

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REVIEW – Little Pickle Crafting Baby Record Book

As a two mum family, baby record books are one of the hardest things out there in terms of “stuff”. We looked at many books on the high street before Eden was born and drew a blank as I didn’t … Continue reading

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REVIEW – Seeing London With London Duck Tours!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love London. I moved down here ten years ago now and I still love the place! I also love that we are raising our daughter here. When we were contacted by London … Continue reading

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Top Ten London Parent Rants… 

Anyone who knows me know that I love a good rant, and nothing inspires a rant more often than the trials and tribulations of being a parent in London. Being a parent is the same everywhere, but being in our capital … Continue reading

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