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The Last Day of Furlough

I haven’t written much during the coronavirus pandemic. I don’t know whether that’s because I haven’t wanted to, haven’t felt able to or what. I just know that this place has been far from my mind. I think there have … Continue reading

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Cold Town, Winter in the City #myAquaphorchallenge

It’s cold. I mean, not North Pole cold, but we’ve had some low temperatures in the capital as of late. This time of year, keeping healthy in the cold becomes important. I need vitamins to help keep the nasties out … Continue reading

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99 Days Until Disney

Those of you who follow this blog will know that Amy and I love Disney! For as long as I can remember, the movies and the characters have had a very special place in my heart and in my childhood. … Continue reading

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There Are No Medals For Birth… 

In this day and age, it seems many people are fixed on the idea of “natural” birth. No pain relief, calm, lovely, magical birth. As natural as the Earth around us and just like we used to do in the … Continue reading

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A Change Is On The Way…

I’ve been back at work about three months now. I work in NHS admin and have done for about three years. When I left work for maternity leave, it was busy. But it was busy due to having no staff … Continue reading

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Eden’s Cake Smash!

I have always loved the idea of a cake smash shoot for a first birthday. Bright colours, froofy tutus and cake? What’s not to love? I think they’re absolutely fantastic when done well, and when my sister offered to buy … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Eden! 

Today Eden is one year old. The little girl who changed everything has been around for a whole year. We’ve been parents after three years of infertility for 365 days. We made it!

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Being Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving in the good ole U S of A. I’m not there, nor am I American but I do think it’s important to take stock of the things that you are thankful for every so often.  <!–more–> I … Continue reading

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REVIEW – The Book of Everyone

First birthdays are always a bit of a minefield. Kids just get swamped with various toys, books and clothes and although every gift is appreciated, but few stand the test of time. We were contacted by “The Book of Everyone” to … Continue reading

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A Doctor Visit.

It’s easy to get carried away in the world of social media. You can choose to show whatever side you wish – or a totally made up persona. Very rarely do people tell one hundred percent of their story. It’s … Continue reading

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