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Checking in…

Sorry we haven’t been around for a while, folks. I guess life got in the way is what you might say!

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The Worst Day That There Ever Was…

Saturday night was the night from Hell. Seriously. I have never had a night like it, and there will never be another as bad as it. Our little dog, Gizmo has been poorly for about a year. At the start … Continue reading

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Manners! Why Don’t More People Have Them?

Warning! Rant ahead! Yesterday was definitely one of those days. I was awoken by Amy texting me to tell me that she had been assaulted at work and was at the police station. Amy works on transport and comes across … Continue reading

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Dear Bagel Factory… Part Three…

Last week I got a reply from the Bagel Factory. Turns out the original reply had landed in my spam box thanks to a programme that they use to email people, so the sender kindly resent the email. Here it … Continue reading

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Starting the Two Week Wait…

The OPK is decidedly negative this evening.

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100 Blog Followers!

Last night, we hit 100 subscribed followers on the blog! ONE HUNDRED regular readers!¬†When I started this blog, I didn’t even expect to have one follower. Truth be told, I didn’t create it for the followers, it was for Amy … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mum

Today my lovely mum would have been fifty. Unfortunately, she is not here to celebrate her birthday.¬†Every year I have a good think about this, and this year is no different. However I’ve been working on something to help pay … Continue reading

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Isn’t Fate A Funny Thing?

Apologies for the silence on the blogosphere lately. I’ve been working twelve hour shift sall weekend, but thankfully now it’s three down and only five more to go – ever! +please note. This entry contains scenarios and descriptions that some … Continue reading

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Dear Bagel Factory… Part Two

Most of you will have seen my “Dear Bagel Factory…” Post from just over a week ago. If you missed it, you can catch up here. I spent a very long time writing a very detailed email to The Bagel … Continue reading

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A New Job. A New Chapter.

For at least a year now, I’ve been applying for new jobs. I currently work as a 999 call taker in an ambulance control room. When I started this job it was for all the right reasons. I wanted to … Continue reading

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