About Us and Disclaimer

Once Upon a Time, in a Kingdom Far Far Away… 

There lived a family who desperately wanted to be parents to a special baby.  They tried hard with a sperm donor month after month but no baby came. They wished on stars, visited fertility witches and asked all the animals in the kingdom to help, but still no baby.

“Oh, when will our little one come?” They cried, peeing on ovulation tests like it was going out of fashion. “When will the stork visit us?”

In June of 2014 their wish came true, but little did they know that their joy would be short lived. Their first little one left them at just under eight weeks and their quest began once more. 

Luckily, they had the help of a gallant superhero, their donor who stuck by them through their loss and showed up month after month to “fill his chalice”… ahem. 

Twenty four cycles later, in March of 2015 after two cycles of magic dust (clomid), the mythical two lines showed up again and a very tense nine months later they were blessed with their very own princess – baby Eden Violet.  The villagers rejoiced and the town folk celebrated the birth of this long awaited little girl.

This blog charts our fairytale adventures, ogres and all! 

Welcome to the adventures of Papa, Eden and Me. 


This blog remains the property of the writer. No material should be used without the prior permission of the author. Any guest posts remain the property of the poster. Any products reviewed here have been bought with our own money (unless stated otherwise) and reviewed honestly. Any opinions expressed herein are those of the writers and not that of their employers. We are not medical professionals and recommend that people should seek medical help with their fertility if they are having problems conceiving.  Any methods expressed herein are personal to the writer and are not intended as medical advice on how best to conceive. Any links shown here are intended as suggestions and not necessarily recommendations. We are not responsible for any content outside of this site, including any on sites that we have linked to. We do not give consent for anything on this site to be quoted in press or any other publications without prior written permission from the author

10 Responses to About Us and Disclaimer

  1. Good luck with your journey – I will follow with fingers crossed for you. My husband and I conceived with IVF, so I know a little of how challenging the road to conception can be. I really, really hope you succeed soon.

  2. Thanks for letting random strangers like myself into your world. It’s nice to see other same sex couples venture into the world of parenthood. I’m cheering you guys on and hope that it’s good news after this TTW! All the best, and nice to meet ya!

  3. Jen says:

    Good luck 🙂 I stumbled upon your blog today from a link on a forum

  4. xfitinyogi says:

    I love the domain you two picked! Hilarious! You two seem to be on a very similar journey – my wife and I started TTC in January 2014, found some fibriods after a few failed attempts and are starting up again in February now that she’s all healed up. We too are using a known donor! Good luck on your journey/adventure, we’ll be keeping tabs. Who know’s, maybe we’ll conceive at the same time! Fingers crossed for a successful 2015!!

  5. mummylass says:

    Hello *waves* where abouts are you in the world? We are in the UK 🙂

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