Keeping Sun Safe With Vision Express

Eye health is not something that has always been top of my agenda. I didn’t get my first eye test until I was eight or nine years old and that was when I got my first pair of glasses. Nowadays I’m a contact lens wearer and am meticulous about my eye health. Knowing how bad it can go if lenses aren’t cleaned regularly and properly is enough reason to take care!

But what about Eden? We don’t have any concerns about her vision, but when Vision Express contacted us with some information about keeping sun safe, we swotted up!


We all know about keeping our skin safe in the sun, but what about our eyes? I bought my first pair of sunglasses last year in Florida, because I felt like I was constantly squinting. I generally don’t like having things on my face (hence contact lens!) but cute Minnie Mouse sunglasses were a necessity in the blinding Florida sunshine.

Here’s what Vision Express have to say…

At Vision Express we take vision seriously. That’s why all sunglasses in our extensive range filter out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

UVB – B is for Burning
Responsible for causing sunburn UVB rays can quickly damage eye tissue with prolonged and unprotected exposure. All Vision Express sunglasses filter out 100% of UVB rays.

UVA – A is for Ageing
These rays tan your skin but also cause premature ageing and can accelerate the development of age related illnesses. They cause damage over a long period and excessive exposure can damage eyesight. All Vision Express sunglasses filter out 100% of UVA rays.

Experts have warned that 75% of parents are risking their children’s eyesight by exposing them to bright sun without appropriate protection. Considering that much of what children learn is gained through what they see, shouldn’t we be doing our best to protect that? It’s an easy thing to forget. Most of us are so busy worrying about sunburn on their skin, that we forget how important their eyes are.


What we learned was that if you have concerns about your child’s vision, you should get an eye test immediately. The only way to fully understand whether our eyes are healthy is through regular eye tests with a qualified professional. We will take Eden for her first one probably soon after she turns three, but until then we will be keeping her eyes safe in the sun, just like her skin.

Book a £10 Eye Test now, or check out the range of Sunglasses at Vision Express here. Prices start from £25 for adults and £15 for children, and most are available with prescription lenses too.


Disclaimer: We were provided with sunglasses by Vision Express for the purpose of this post. All opinions remain our own and we received no financial incentive to publish. 
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