Our Trip to Pittsburgh

We have friends all over the world, some of whom we met through our infertility journey. Despite the warnings as a teen to be careful online and such, some of my favourite people are those that I have met on the big scary internet. A couple of these friends came to stay with us last year, so this year it was out turn to visit them in Sunny Pittsburgh. 35784721_10160673739260171_4181401566055497728_n

Our flights out there (via Chicago) were flights number five and six for Eden, which is not bad for somebody who isn’t even three year old! We stayed at the Premier Inn in Healthrow, which is always lovely, and flew with American Airlines. We always have a bit of pre-flight anxiety with Eden, but she always goes right ahead and proves us wrong. She’s happy as long as she has plenty to watch and do, and she even took a three hour nap (score!). 35519823_10160340136190580_649610466330411008_n

As part of our trip, we borrowed the Iphone X from Mobile network Three, to test out the phone and their “Feel At Home” service/ Feel at Home means you can use your inclusive texts, minutes and data in any country that offers Feel at Home coverage. Thankfully, the USA is on that list, so this saved us a small fortune in phone costs!

We had great fun missioning around the city and spending time with our friends. Highlight for me was Pittsburgh Zoo and for Amy was no doubt the Pirates game that she and Virgil went along to. We also visited IdleWild & Soakzone, which Eden loved as it meant she got to meet Daniel Tiger, who is her absolute favourite at the moment. She also got her first ride on a log flume, which she loved! My knees did buckle a little bit at the entrance fee, but we managed to come by a buy one get one half off coupon, which helped.

I really enjoyed capturing our trip on the Iphone X as well and particularly enjoyed the “portrait” function, as it made for some lovely pictures of little miss Eden. It managed to capture her even when she was moving at 100mph as toddlers often do, which I thought was fantastic. The connectivity over there was also awesome. It was very rare that I didn’t have good enough signal to do whatever I wanted to. I did find not having a “home” button a little hard to get used to, but soon it was second nature. Amy recently moved to Samsung and I just can’t work her phone at all, but the Iphone X was intuitive even without the home button.

We had a lovely time with our friends and are hopeful to visit Pittsburgh again soon.

For more information on Feel at Home visit the Three Website. You can learn more about the Iphone X here.

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Disclaimer : We were loaned the phone for the purpose of a review post. All opinions remain our own and are objective. 
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1 Response to Our Trip to Pittsburgh

  1. Curious B says:

    Aww you were so close. I’m on the east side of Pennsylvania. I’m so glad you all had an awesome time here.

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