TECHNOLOGY SHOWDOWN – Iphone X vs Samsung S9 Plus

On Sunday 18th March (it was a while ago. I know, I know, I suck!!) I had the pleasure of joining Three (Yes, the mobile network) and a group of other bloggers on a photo walk around London to compare the camera features on the IPhone X and the Samsung S9 Plus.

We met up with Kellee from Three and Photographer Rob outside Bermondsey station at 11am ready to learn how to do that photo thing.

Full disclosure here now! For me this event was going to be the deciding factor between remaining with my IPhone or upgrading to the Samsung S9 plus As soon as I possibly could. *Spoilers* I’m posting this from my shiny new S9!!!!!!

Now, back to the walk.

We each received a handset for the first half of the afternoon. Mine was the IPhone X. I just want to briefly touch on the phone itself. I did NOT find this user friendly like Apple’s older models. The lack of home button made me want to throw the phone under a bus (I would not recommend doing this to any phone… the instant gratification wouldn’t last long) As soon as we had all had a play with the phone for a couple of minutes we were on our way.


The first stop that Rob took us to was Maltby Street Food Market. This is a beautiful little food market tucked away between Bermondsey and London Bridge. After a short run down of some of the things we could expect in the market and any advise people wanted we were set free.

As we’re a family blog, our main focus is usually Eden. Seeing as this was  public market I couldn’t just walk around taking photos of kids… My anxiety stopped me asking adults for photos as well, annoyingly. So I opted for colours and patterns as my focus here.

The clarity of the camera was instantly noticeable. The tiny detail that could be picked out was incredible. The handset has 12 megapixel cameras; one wide-angle and one telephoto lenses with optical/digital zoom up to 10x. The image stabilization was a great plus for me together with controls over exposure and noise reduction.

Rob recommended a fab app to use along side the camera here called Adobe Lightroom. The app can either be used with limited features for free or you can pay for enhanced features from Adobe. Its a great editing tool for those photos that just need a little extra tweaking.

From the market we walked to Tower Bridge. Being a born Londoner, I felt I was overlooking sights such as the bridge as I see them every day. Not to be put out, I focused on colours that jumped out at me again. The detail the camera was able to pick up on the leaves was great. We crossed the bridge and made our way into St Katherine’s dock to the historic Dickins Inn for lunch.iphone2

One awesome burger later, I switched it up a bit and changed for the Samsung S9 Plus. I had used the Samsung S8 plus last year and fell in love with the features on the phone so was very excited to try out the newer model.


For the first time I put the Samsung over Apple in regards to a user friendly model. It just seemed easier to access and move within the operating system. The curved screen is a bit weird to get used to but I like it. The screen quality is pretty amazing, which is highlighted with the crisp images from the camera.

Before we set off from the Dickens Inn, I had a try of Bixby Vision. Bixby Vision is pretty cool. You can use the camera and Bixby combined to show recommendations on things to do/visit in the area, find out about foods and wine, take photos to let Bixby search for similar images and – my favourite – take photos of text that lets Google translate do what it does best and translate!

We moved on from the docks towards the Tower of London and the North Bank of the river. This is the kind of environment I’m expecting to be more usual for us as Eden gets older as I want her to experience London and all its gems. I tested out the camera’s zoom and played around with some super-slo-mo video which was fun. The S9 plus comes with a “category-defining Dual Aperture lens adapts like the human eye”. It gives the phone the ability to automatically switch between different lighting conditions which helps you take great photos no matter the time of day. This phone, in my opinion, was the far superior one of the day.

The strength of the camera, the memory, the available apps and the battery life make this model perfect for bloggers and parents alike. Whether you are reviewing a new product or want to catch those candid moments with your family. If you’re a loyal Apple user like I was, don’t be scared to make the jump to Android. You won’t regret it. I promise.

We finished the day at the Tate Modern for a drink and a rundown of the day, also coming face to face with a giant rainbow poo. This ended up being left behind by those pesky puggaflies to promote Three’s offer of unlimited Snapchat.


If you’re a blogger and you’re interested, Three are offering another photo walk on 2nd June starting at Shoreditch station. You can register via the Three blogger Facebook group.

To have a look at the handsets in further details click on these handy links below



Disclaimer: We were provided with products to trial for free. We received no payment for attending the Photo Walk and all opinions remain our own.

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