REVIEW – Samsung S8+

On our recent trip to Walt Disney World Florida, mobile network Three kindly loaned us a Samsung S8+ to test out. Amy and I are both iphone people, having been with iphone since the iphone 3G when that came out what now seems like 100 years ago!

The Samsung S8+ is the bigger version of the S8. It measures in at 159.5 x 73.4 x 8.1mm and weighs 173g. I did worry that it would feel huge, but it really didn’t. It fitted into a pocket just fine, as well.

It comes with talk time of up to 1,500 min for 3G  and up to 400 hours standby time. I found that nine times out of ten it ran circles around my iphone battery by hours. It also charges very quickly and holds charge well.

I really don’t like phones that run on the android operating system. I just don’t find it as intuitive as IOS by apple. Amy, however, is probably going to make her next upgrade a Samsung as she gets on with the system so well.

The star of the S8+ is easily the camera. Pictures taken on other phones paled in comparison to the bright, beautiful images captured on the S8+’s Dual Pixel 12MP OIS rear camera. We got some absolutely beautiful pictures on this camera in Florida and they were in all different lighting conditions too. The camera was easily my favourite part of the phone.

All in all, Amy was more of a fan than I was. I’ll likely be sticking with my trusty iphone, but Amy is on the road to a Samsung phone!

You can find out more about this handset on the Three Website  

DISCLAIMER: Three sent us this phone to test for a month at no cost. All opinions remain our own. 

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