Potty Training Strikes!

When it comes to potty training, we’ve always taken the relaxed approach. Eden was only two in December, so we’re in no hurry. Last time we went to IKEA, we picked up a  potty and put it in the bathroom, just to get her used to what a potty was and what it was for. For the longest time, she would sit on it with her nappy on but wouldn’t under any circumstances take off her nappy.

Imagine our surprise when Eden turned to us a few days ago and announced “I want to go on my potty”.

So, off we went upstairs to the potty. The nappy came off and she sat down. We waited. We waited some more. And then… FART! “Mummy I done!” Nothing but a fart. But the fart was a start and the following morning she was back on the potty and managed a little pee in there.

Now she’s peeing in there a few times a day and has pooped in there too! I wasn’t sure when I expected her to start to want to potty train and I’m absolutely amazed and mystified about how it’s just popped up from nowhere. Part of me was hoping that she would wait until after our holiday in June, but if now is the time for her then now is the time! We ask her a few times a day if she wants to go potty. Sometimes she just tells us out of the blue. It’s amazing how she has just all of a sudden picked it up!

I just wished we’d picked up the Doc McStuffins pull ups when we were in Florida!

IKEA LOCKIG children's potty Easy to empty and clean.

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1 Response to Potty Training Strikes!

  1. lesbemums says:

    Awesome! Go Eden! The best time to start is when they’re ready. Clever sausage. Hopefully she’ll click and it’ll fall into place. I found trying gently before bedtime or first thing in the morning gets them into a nice routine. Good luck!

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