The End of Cosleeping?

In our house, we cosleep. We never intended to, but when Eden came home she wouldn’t settle anywhere else, so it was a quick read through of principles of safe cosleeping and away we went. It meant she got sleep and we did too. It meant that we were right beside her should we need us. It meant that she was close. It worked for us.

It also meant that we sold her crib without her ever having slept in it! And the two moses baskets… and the sheets etc etc. You live and learn, right?


Recently, we redecorated Eden’s room and got her a brand new, super duper toddler bed. We let her pick out her duvet and pillows and set it up in her room. We haven’t put her under any pressure to sleep there and it’s been up maybe three or four weeks now. She usually brings her pillow into our room to sleep, so last night when she said “I want to take my pillow to my bed”, we decided to give things a try. Amy told her “ok, but if you put your pillow in there you’ll need to sleep in there too”. “Ok!” Eden said.


And sleep in there, she did! Amy took her in and Eden spent the whole night tucked up in her big girl bed. She had a little wobble at around 5am, but Amy went in there to settle her and she went straight back to sleep. It was finally time to wake up at about 10am and she woke up happy and well rested.

I’m not going to lie; I will miss the sleepy cuddles but I’m so excited about her having her own space. I’m also excited that following her lead worked out for us. I didn’t want to force the issue of her own bed, but obviously we wanted her in there at some point. We followed her lead and it worked out! No tears, no tantrums, just a little girl who is enjoying her super duper new bed…

(and a border collie who loves sleeping on her floor next to the bed…)

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2 Responses to The End of Cosleeping?

  1. Amy says:

    Wow, I’m so happy this went so well for you!! I always loved cosleeping, but it didn’t work for my wife. I still end up sleeping with my daughter in her toddler bed a lot of the time, but I know that one day she’s going to kick me out… They grow up so fast…

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