Our Night In With Go Binge

Before we had a toddler, people used to tell us how hard it was to press pause on life. Toddlers are always on the move, always getting into things and always one step away from breaking something or themselves. So, when mobile network Three asked us to have a “Night in With Go Binge”, needless to say we were up for it!

A handy parcel arrived from Three, packed full with a cosy blanket, a popcorn maker, popcorn and everything else you need for a cosy night in front of the box! We haven’t yet taken Eden to the cinema to see a full length film (unless you count The Force Awakens at 9 days old…) so we figured this would be a good opportunity to test out whether she actually could sit still for the duration! 24099001_10159788931530171_1635901164_n

Pizza ordered, popcorn at the ready and toes tucked into blankets, we were ready to go. A quick scroll through what was on led us to Cars 3 – Eden is currently a little obsessed with Cars, so it was a good choice. But who knew that Cruz Ramirez was a girl?! You learn something new every day. And little girl sat still for the whole thing, wide-eyed and in her little fantasy world where cars talk… I love this age because she is really starting to watch things, rather than just watching the songs and then carrying on destroying the lounge! 24020210_10159788931545171_2006125143_n

So, why did Three send us a bag of stuff and tell us to watch movies? Three have great new initiative called “Go Binge”. Go Binge allows customers to use Netflix, TV Player, Dave, History, Deezer and Soundcloud without using mobile data. So, you can fill up on as much Netflix as you like without it touching your data allowance, even when you’re out and about! On the bus? Go binge! On a train? Go binge!

Go Binge is available to all new and upgrading customers on the following tariffs:

  • All handset Advanced plans of 4GB and above.
  • All SIMO Advanced plans of 4GB and above.
  • All Pay monthly MBB plans of 5GB and above.

You can stream as long as you want as long as you have some data remaining in your allowance. And no need to worry about that pesky “you are approaching your data limit” text message – hooray!

You can find out more about Go Binge by heading over to the Three Website. There is also a helpful hub, where you can find lots of Go Binge related content and the Sim Only page covers the Sim Only contracts available.


I think Go Binge would be super helpful on a long car journey, train journey or when staying over in a hotel. Sometimes it’s important to get a few minutes of quiet as a parent, so having access to Netflix and such without running down your data allowance is a blessing! After all, there’s only so much Minnie’s Bowtique you can watch without resenting the hit that your data allowance takes in the process.

So, there you have it. It seems a (nearly) two-year old WILL sit still for an hour if the right film is put in front of her. Hooray! Here’s to more family movie nights.


Disclaimer – Three sent us a goodie bag in order to write this post, however we received no financial incentive and all opinions remain our own. 


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