REVIEW – Bottleshot Brew Coffee

I admit I’m a fully fledged coffee addict. Nothing to hide here – I love my coffee. I don’t do too well if I’m not caffeinated and sometimes people joke that I should get my coffee via IV. So, when I was invited to try “Bottle Shot Brew”, I did not take much convincing that this would be for me.22711424_10159355261000580_425928437_n

What is Bottleshot Brew? Bottleshot Brew is an ingenious idea thought up by the brains behind North London’s “Never Give Up Cafe”. It’s seven servings of cold brew barista coffee, delivered right to your door! Cold brew means that there’s less acidity than regular coffee and comes from the best Arabica beans, soaked for eighteen hours. The marketing promises a delicious, smooth taste with the best caffeine to keep you going for longer.

I can be a bit of a coffee snob, so I had a bit of trepidation over the idea. I didn’t believe that freshly brewed coffee could be transported across London, left in my fridge for up to FOUR WEEKS and still be fresh. Each bottle contains seven servings of espresso – enough to make seven coffees in any combination of hot and cold that you please. One a day, right?22709831_10159355260965580_2043882842_n

As testament to the quality of the product, it actually only lasted about five days in my house. I very much enjoyed using the coffee and felt that it did simplify my daily coffee routine. Also, the fact that I could get barista coffee at work without actually leaving the department was great – I think three of my servings happened during a night shift on the neonatal unit! It definitely got me through.

Now, what will this set you back? Normally the price is £12.50 delivered in London zones 1 and 2. If you sign up for a subscription, that becomes £10 delivered (zones 1 and 2), which works out at £1.42 per coffee – much cheaper than your high street coffee shops. Outside zones 1 and 2, a small delivery charge is added.

My verdict? I think it’s a great idea and the coffee is lovely. I’m not sure whether it’s something I personally would buy into, as I like going to a physical coffee shop and enjoying a coffee there, but in terms of convenience and quality it’s a great product. The taste was good – not too sharp and plenty strong. It was presented really well, with good quality packaging and presentation. The price is reasonable in my opinion, especially if you live within the delivery radius.

You can purchase your Bottle Shot Brew via the Website, and at the moment you can save 20% on each bottle if you buy a subscription.


Disclaimer – We were provided with a sample of Bottle Shot Brew in order to write this review. All opinions remain our own and are uninfluenced by incentives financial or otherwise. 
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