The Scary Part of Parenting

Does anyone else find that when their child does something potentially dangerous, they almost obsess about it for the next few days? Since Eden has been a toddler, this is a pretty frequent occurrence for me, but yesterday really took the biscuit. If you have your judgy pants on, please don’t read any further. 

Yesterday I was sorting out the hoards of clean clothes that had been left in Eden’s room. Sometimes I get through washing, drying and then they just get folded and left in boxes. So anyway, I was sorting things out. Filling up her drawers, putting stuff in her wardrobe etc etc. Eden was pottering around the room and then I put her int he rocking chair to watch Minnie’s Bowtique (her favourite!) on my phone just while I finished up.

I turned back to carry on with my sorting and heard Eden say “a door!” I repeated what she’d said and said “that’s right – a door!” and then looked over. At that moment was when my heart almost leapt right out of my throat. My charming toddler had climbed from the chair onto the windowsill behind her and was half way through turning the key to open up the window. Needless to say I lunged across the room and pulled her down, taking the key out of the window lock in one movement. I was very much aware that just a few more moments would have led to her falling out of a first floor window.

We sat for a little while in the rocking chair and I had a little cry while she looked at her Paddington Bear book. I felt like the worst mum in the whole wide world at that moment. When I worked taking emergency calls, I had taken a few calls to children falling out of windows and I just could not fathom how it happened. Now I know! I was shaking for probably half an hour after it happened and I checked again that the window was locked and put the key in Eden’s wardrobe, determined that this won’t ever happen again.

Eden’s room isn’t baby proofed, you see. Simply because she doesn’t sleep in there. We still share our bed with her, so the only time she is in her room is when we are sorting clothes out or for nappy changes. There is never a time where she is alone in there, so we just hadn’t thought about the window being a death trap. We also hadn’t thought about the fact that toddlers like to climb stuff and can do so in a nanosecond!

Once I calmed down, I thought that was the drama done with. Not so much. All night I kept thinking about what would have happened. All night I imagined how I would have felt and how awful it would have been for anything to have happened to her. How I would have had to have called an ambulance and then Amy and how we could have lost our daughter over leaving a stupid key in a stupid window. Then last night I had a stupid (but clearly related) dream where she fell out of a ride in Disneyworld. She was totally fine, but I woke up to the same “heart in throat” feeling that I had had when it all happened. Even today, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Sometimes there’s nothing scarier than being a parent. Especially where windows are concerned…


This is my “frazzled” look and Eden’s “guess what I got up to” look. 

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1 Response to The Scary Part of Parenting

  1. Mamalife says:

    Phew! Yeah, kids are great at that.. Thank you for sharing..
    I am glad all went well, and kudos for the great lunge across the room 🙂 I hope you didn’t hurt yourself in the process.

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