Hitting a Road Block…

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved to write. I spent most of my teens poring over stories, planning out my future novels (ha!) and dreaming up characters in my head. Writing was my escape. Writing was where I hid from the world. Writing was where I could really express myself . 

When my mum died in 2007, I couldn’t write any more. I’m not even sure why, as it’s not like mum was an integral part of my writing or anything. Either way, I just couldn’t write any more. Not fiction, anyway. Give me a letter to write, an account of something or a review, I’d be off. But no fiction. In 2009 my laptop died with all my writing on it. Me being a dumbass, I didn’t have a backup. That sucked. I’d been writing some of that stuff for seven or eight years and in one moment it was all gone. I still have print outs, but none of my newer edits are around now.

So, sharing our story here became an outlet. A way to talk about frustrations. A way to engage with people going through similar or the same. It became my diary, but it was a diary that I shared with the world. It’s brought me happiness, sadness and every emotion in between and I’ve made some awesome friends through the blog world.

I have to admit, I’ve hit a bit of a blogging hole lately. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say – I do. I have so much to say. But I feel like I don’t know what my niche is any more. We made the transition from writing about trying to conceive through to writing about pregnancy and then writing about being parents. Nowadays it all feels a bit stagnant. Everyone knows that the “mummy blogger” genre is vastly over saturated. Why wouldn’t it be? Everyone has something to say and a blog is a great place to say it. But somehow I can’t help feeling that I’ve lost my way a bit.

Is it because we are not trying for a second? With no pregnancy announcement on the horizon I almost don’t feel like a “real” mummy blogger. Is it because of how competitive blogging has become? With people talking about stats, DA and all sorts of other things all around you, how can you not take some of it on board? Or is it just plain old boredom? It it because I don’t really feel “free” to write certain things because I know people read?

Truth be told, I’ve lost my MOJO lately, but I feel like that’s ok. I have some great products to hare with you all over the coming weeks and will try and slot in some personal posts too. I’m not sure what will happen after then with the blog, but writing certainly isn’t the escape it used to be.

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