Funky Giraffe SALE! 25% off!

Those of you who have been with the blog a while will know how much Amy, Eden and I absolutely adore Funky Giraffe bibs. 

We’ve featured them several times and they are and will always be one of our top products for new parents. Nothing can hold dribble quite like a Funky Giraffe bib.

But, did you know that they also sell lots of other lovely products such as clothing, shoes, hair ties, Amazonas carriers, wraps, blankets, baby swings and personalised bits too?

Their prices are usually pretty fab (in my opinion), but what if I told you that Funky Giraffe were holding a Summer Sale until the end of August? You can get 25% off pretty much everything on the site using the code Summer17 !

So go now, fill up your online basket and get some Funky Giraffe in your life!

You can find the Funky Giraffe Website here.

Disclaimer – We received beautiful bibs for posting this advertisement, however our opinions remain our own.  
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