Eden’s Favourite Kiddylicious Snacks!

In our house – and I’m assuming in most where there are toddlers – snacking is key. Snacking can help avoid screaming on the bus. A handy snack can divert interest from something she shouldn’t be doing or can bridge the gap between lunch and dinner when out and about. Because they’re so useful like that, it’s always been important for us to keep our snacks light, tasty and fun. 

When it comes to snacking, there is one brand that seems to have filled up our cupboards and peaked little lady’s interests. That brand is Kiddylicious! Since the day we first discovered their wafers on a trip to Sainsbury’s, Eden has been hooked. Her addiction grew through from wafers through to veggie straws – we even survived the Great Veggie Straw Drought of 2017 – and we enjoy discovering new products as they come out.

One of my favourite things about Kiddylicious snacks is that most of their snacks are suitable for vegetarians and free of milk, eggs, nuts, peanuts, sesame seed, soya, gluten, suphur dioxide and fish! It means most little ones can experience the joy of a snack from Kiddylicious. (Do check before buying if your child has any intolerances – there’s a handy chart HERE)

Here’s a round up of our ten favourite Kiddylicious snacks!

uk_puffs_banana_transp_web-res_.png10. Banana Fruity Puffs

Closely followed by Strawberry and then Blueberry flavours. Whilst these are not Eden’s favourite, she still enjoys the melty goodness that comes with tucking into a bag of these.
UK_tiddl_raspb_transp_web-res_9. Raspberry Crispie Tiddlers 

We’re yet to find their banana counterparts as they are only available online through Ocado. These always go down a hit. I quite enjoy these too as they’re a little bit of jelly and a little bit of crunch too. Yummy!


UK_Crisps_Apple_transp_web-res_8. Apple Crisps

Closesly followed by their banana counterparts. These used to come in pineapple as well, but they were sadly discontinued. The apple ones go down well between meals when she’s looking for something to crunch. All the goodness of apple with none of the mess or core-politics associated with handing over an actual apple.


Rice-Cakes7. Splashed Rice Cakes

Eden has never been a huge fan of rice cakes, but she likes these ones. Personally I prefer when she eats the yoghurt ones rather than the chocolate ones, as it’s less mess. She did go through a phase of taking all the yoghurt off and feeding the rice cake to the dog, but nowadays she tends to scarf the whole thing. Thankfully she shares, because I love these too!

UK_w_straw_transp_web-res_6. Fruit Wiggles

Little wiggles of joy! Eden’s favourite are the strawberry ones. My favourite are the apple ones. We’re yet to find the tropical ones, although Kiddylicious tell me they’re available online. My only issue with these is that they disappear too quickly. They could almost be passed off as sweets, but they are made with fruit. The Kiddylicious website suggests using them in a recipe that requires fruit, which is something we need to try.

5. Quinoa CrispsSuperSnacks_Quinoa_350px_new_

Along with the Chickpea crisps and Lentil Crisps, Eden loves these. I find they’re fab with a particularly long day ahead because they help release energy slowly. They pack a nice crunch and the portions are pretty good too. The lentil crisps smell a bit like feet in the way only a sour cream and chive flavoured thing can, but they’re delicious all the same. These keep Eden super!

UK_melts_mango_transp_web-res_4. Smoothie Melts

The Banana, Mango and Passion Fruit variety of these are like a drug when you’re Eden. I’m not a huge fan because they are MESSY! But they work a treat when brought out on a particularly moody day. They also come in strawberry and banana/blackcurrant and apple flavours. They really are like a smoothie in a bag.


3. Oaty BarsRaspberry-Oaty-Bars-Individual-pack-shot-624x624px

The rasberry variety of these are the only ones that exist if you ask Eden, but they actually also come in carrot and banana flavour. We love these as a breakfast time snack, maybe on the way if we are going out for breakfast to keep tummy rumbles a day.


Wafers-Group-pack-shot-624x624px2. Wafers

Eden is completely obsessed with these! Like, ridiculously so. I love these little melt in the mouth miracles too. The favourite in our house is strawberry, then banana, then blueberry and then carrot, but it changes almost weekly. We generally try to make sure we have a stock of these as they come everywhere with us. Most recently, Eden enjoyed some strawberry wafers at the cinema for a special screening of Paw Patrol. They come in packs of two, which is obviously so parents can share too! *ahem* These recently won a Product of the Year Award.

1. Cheesy/Veggie Straws. 2-x-straw

In my opinion, these things are truly the jewel in the Kiddylicious crown. They are the holy grail of baby snacks. There’s not much Eden wouldn’t do for a bag of these little beauties. We quite literally hoard them in our house and usually have one or two packets with us wherever we go. They are magic. Actual magic. And as a bonus, they are made from actual vegetables, which is always a good thing! All hail the king of snacks!


They’ve recently brought out a range of toddler meals, which we are excited to try when we next come across them. Honestly, the thing I love best is that Kiddylicious products mix good variety, healthy options and convenience together and come out with a product that fits the needs of a growing family. Eden will be two in December and some of the things she snacks on are aimed at babies “from six months”, but she loves them all the same. I feel like there’s something for every occasion in the range and you always get the best ingredients making up a balanced product.

You can Find Kiddylicious via their Website, Facebook and Twitter and it you need to satisfy a snack urge RIGHT NOW, their shop is here. They sell a Trial Box of their best sellers, which either features First Finger Foods (£5.80) or Tasty Treats For Older Tots (£7). These are a great introduction if you’re just starting weaning or if you’re not sure what your small human would like. They also sell what I lovingly call “Wafer Armour“(£2), to stop your wafers crumbling and taking over the bottom of your bag.

So, there you have a round-up of all the Kiddylicious goodness that happens in our house. There’s still lots of stuff for us to try, and with new products coming out all the time, there is a lot for us to keep track of. We’re yet to find a snack from this range that Eden doesn’t like and I hope you find the same! 


Disclaimer – Some of the products mentioned were sent to us for the purpose of a review. All opinions remain our own. We received no financial incentive for this post. 











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2 Responses to Eden’s Favourite Kiddylicious Snacks!

  1. Catherine Martin says:

    Love kiddylicious. Noah’s not been able to try many of their snacks yet but he loves the wafers. Prob the first snack he actually ate rather than just mushing around everywhere

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