Giving Baby Products a Much Needed Cuggl

When it comes to preparing for a new arrival, we experienced first hand how hard it is to find baby products that are functional, high quality and well priced too. Having a new baby is expensive! Especially when you need everything and are starting out for the very first time.

This week we were invited to the launch of new baby brand Cuggl, which launches TODAY and is exclusively available at Argos. I feel like I finally found our match in terms of quality and price! I also love the name as, being from Yorkshire originally, a Cuggl is what some of my family called a cuddle.

img_4045The launch was held at the beautiful Haymarket Hotel in London in one of their suites, with products set up throughout the rooms. Babies and children were welcome, so we brough Eden along for the ride and she had a great time testing everything out. Unfortunately being a toddler, she is also a bit like a wrecking ball at the moment so bears and balloons pretty much flew with her cries of “BEAR!” and “BOOOON!” We and Naomi from Not A Perfect Parent spent a fair amount of time putting bears back where they should be and generally making the lovely displays look lovely again after they had been toddler-ed (Yes, it’s a verb…).

We first had a look at the Cuggl Deluxe Superlight Travel Cot, which is great quality, suitable from birth to 2 years and weighs a teeny tiny 6KG once packed up in its bag. I liked this because I do find that often if you want a travel cot that feels good quality, it will also be heavy. This was the opposite. Good quality and nice and light too, which would make it great for travelling with if you’re like us and don’t drive. The best thing about it? It’s £56.99.


The next thing on the list for us was the Cuggl Hawthorn 4 Wheel Pushchair. This was probably my favourite thing from the range, because it looks great, is good quality material but is still light and maneuverable. It weighs 10.2KG, which is a nice weight. I find some buggies on the market are so light that they don’t feel stable, but this was just light enough to still feel stable and safe. We put Eden in there (you know, for science) and she still had lots of room, despite being close to two years old. It is suitable from birth to 3 years or 15KG and I thought was a perfect buggy for everyday use or for a holiday or similar. We’re considering getting one for our Florida holiday as it is much more manouverable and light than our current pushchair. It also has a HUUUUGE shopping basket (priorities, right?) and retails at the princely sum of… £79.99 – I KNOW RIGHT?! Bargain.


Nursery furniture was next for us and we were introduced to the lovely Noah Collection. The name reminded me of The Little Embryo That Could‘s little dude, so that was immediately a positive for me. The collection comprises of a wardrobe, changing table/drawers and a smaller set of two drawers. The star of this collection for me was the cot bed. I loved the light tones, the fact that it had an inbuilt changing table and the fact that it converts into a junior bed when needed. I felt like the collection would fit nicely into any kind of nursery design or colour scheme. I liked that everything was priced separately as quite often parents don’t have the room for the whole collection or simply don’t need it. This kept that in mind with the cot bed ringing in at £219.99.


The collection comprises of a cot that converts into a junior bed, a wardrobe, a chest of draws/changing unit and a smaller two drawer unit. Each are sold seperately and are very well priced, the cot bed ringing in at £219.99

In the “kitchen” area, we were introduced to the Pumpkin Deluxe Highchair (£49.99) and the Carrot 3 in 1 Highchair (£44.99). The Pumpkin was my favourite, as it really reminded me of our high chair at home, which cost twice what this one does but doesn’t do anything that the Pumpkin doesn’t. I liked that it had an adjustable height setting and a recline for when baby’s and toddlers fall asleep mid meal – Eden does this ALL THE TIME. The Carrot Highchair is a little more low tech, but still has everything you need for feeding time and is easy to take apart and clean. Both are suitable from six months up to 18kg and again showcase the great value that this range features.


The next room showed us the Cambourne Collection which is separately priced but also comes as a three item set – consisting of the cotbed, wardrobe and chest of drawers/changing table. Again, these things were of excellent quality, very durable and almost felt luxury, despite the excellent value price of £499.99 for the set. We also very much liked that once you were done with needing a changing table, you could remove the attachment from the set of drawers and use it without.


Eden and her little friend Lola had a great time trying everything out and demolishing sandwiches… They very much enjoyed their ride in the Elm Forward Facing Twin Pushchair (£149.99) and Eden did a great job of testing out a lovely changing mat with whales on it (£9.99). The range also features several moses baskets (from £29.99) and a rocking stand (£22.99), which was something we would have considered getting for Eden had she ever felt the urge to sleep in her moses basket… doh!

All in all it was a lovely event showcasing a fantastic collection of products. The range launches TODAY at Argos Online and in Store at Argos. I’ve only really scratched the surface here, so have a look as they are bound to have something that you need!

Many thanks to Naomi at Not A Perfect Parent for allowing me to share these pictures involving the beautiful Lola.


DISCLAIMER : We were invited to the product launch at no cost. We were not provided with any product or financial incentive for this post and all opinions are our own.

The collection comprises of a cot that converts into a junior bed, a wardrobe, a chest of draws/changing unit and a smaller two drawer unit. Each are sold seperately and are very well priced, the cot bed ringing in at £219.99
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