Eden’s 18 Month Update

Time for another update from the world of Eden.

I cannot actually believe that Eden is eighteen whole months old. That’s a year and a half! It seems like she’s been here forever, but at the same time it feels like five minutes ago that we brought her home.

So, what’s new?18527583_10158610021210580_5811731125886015115_n

18739914_10158658851980580_7084860087781200874_nOur little lady is most definitely finding her own will. I’d been warned that this happens about now and BOY has it happened! She seems to have realised recently that she is her own person and can say yes and no. Or just no repeatedly, as the case may actually be. Eden wants to walk everywhere at the moment and putting her in her buggy is a massive struggle. I’m fine with her walking unless we want to get somewhere fast, and we can’t really go out without the buggy in case she wants to nap. Perils of not driving, I guess.

Words wise, this child is a talker. Here’s a list of her most frequently used words just off the top of my head…

“Mummy, mama, hat, doggy, cat, juice, thankyou, Moo Moo (that’s our dog, Misty), ok, book, hi, bye bye, pretty, puppy, Mickey, Minnie, mouse, pups, Doc, yes, no, shoes, nose, eyes, mouth, feet, toes, ears, tree, duck, road, floor, door, birdie, baby, I sure, bath, water”

Eden picks up new words every single day. Just the other day we were watching 18555854_10158600590865580_7999481480008438211_nthe Lion Guard on Disney Junior and they had a song that goes “outta the wayyyy!” And she was clearly shouting “OUTTA THE WAY” at the TV. She also regularly wraps my clothes around herself and then says “I pretty?” which always makes me chuckle. In recent weeks, she has also taken to announcing her poops, which is… fun. She goes “I POOED!” Sometimes she has, sometimes she hasn’t. But nine times out of ten when she says it, it’s because her nappy needs changing. Of course, she knows what a unicorn is too. She can’t say it yet, but she will point and say “corn”, which is cute! Recently, she has also started saying “PIG!” when she sees a pig and making snorting noises too.

18697955_10158624719010580_2627822462705824646_nIt’s lovely to be able to have mini conversations with her. She unfortunately doesn’t talk a whole lot around other people, but she is coming on slowly with that. She’s a very bubbly little girl who makes friends everywhere she goes and it’s lovely to see. She will follow simple instructions most of the time – things like “get your shoes” or “get your coat” or “go and give Misty a cuddle.” She’s not so good at “get down” or “stop bouncing…” though. 18892950_10158673248420580_3872621604350710610_n

Speaking of bouncing, this child has taken on tigger-like qualities over the last few weeks. Anything bouncy, she wants to bounce on it. She will hold both of my hands and shout “bounce bounce bounce!” while she dives up and down on whatever. It all started with an episode of Doc McsStuffins involving a bounce house and a song about bouncing. Eden hasn’t been the same since! Similar when it comes to climbing. She scales anything that she can – gates, sofas, furniture… you name it, she’s climbed it! Quite often when we are out and about, she will stop to climb random gates and fences.

PHmasksEden’s favourite things on TV are Doc Mcstuffins, PJ Masks, Mickey and the Roadster Racers and Show Me Show Me. Yes, we watch a lot of Disney Junior. She loves Moana at the moment, and especially the song “you’re welcome”, which she “sings” along to. Outside, she likes playing in her “house” in the garden, throwing the ball for the dogs and going to the park. Eden is also an absolute water baby and absolutely loves going swimming and playing with water – we took her swimming a week ago or so and she kept just wandering into the deep end. This month, she also got her first taste of West End theatre at West End Live, which she loved.

18893413_10158676598215580_5263446739885080266_nFood wise, Eden still eats everything that we put in front of her. She definitely has certain preferences – jacket potato and baked beans seems to be her favourite at the moment. Quite often, if she doesn’t like something it gets thrown on the floor and snarfed by one of the dogs. This works great at home, but not so much when we’re eating at a restaurant – no dogs, you see! Generally she snarfs down three meals a day and snacks – mostly Kiddylicious veggie straws, which are still her absolute favourite things snack wise. She is also FINALLY starting to enjoy drinking water without us needing to lace it with juice!

Size wise, she’s pretty average. As usual, I have no idea what she weighs. She’s coming up for 32ins and is18952938_1875613946020685_8512387281972827279_n somewhere between 12-18months and 18-24months clothing sizes. She has a couple of things in 2-3 years as well but they tend to be the stores whose sizes are a lot on the small size. She hasn’t done much in the way of hair growth and still has a bit of stubborn cradle cap. Her hair is definitely curly though, which I love! It’s also still blonde, so I’ll be interested to see whether that stays the same and whether her blue eyes stick around too.

So, that’s 18 months. I’m really excited about seeing Eden develop more as a person with her own personality. Stay tuned for the next updates!

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