REVIEW – Cuddleroar Toddler Towel

We are big Cuddledry fans in this house, and have been since we bought Eden’s first Cuddledry apron towel when Eden was about six months old. You can find my review of the apron towel here. When Cuddledry contacted us to try one of their toddler towels I could not say yes fast enough, especially as Eden is fast outgrowing her apron towel.

17555385_10158326878825580_688477720_nCuddledry have quite a selection of toddler towels, all designed to be used from walking to around age three. The towels are made with soft bamboo and cotton towelling, giving them softness that sticks around wash after wash. We’ve been using our apron towel for over a year now and it is still as snuggly, soft and absorbent as the first time we used it. We chose the Cuddleroar, which was a hard choice considering the variety available, but seeing as I got my choice in the original Cuddledry apron, I let Amy pick this one.roaar

As soon as our Cuddleroar arrived, we decided that night was bath night. Even before her bath, Eden wanted to try on the towel and stomp around the lounge in it! First impressions were very good. The fabric, as expected, was soft, fluffy and excellent quality. I loved the fact that there was a simple popper under the chin to fasten the towel, rather that having to faff around with a button. My favourite part of the towel, by far, was the spikes, the ears and the little pointy tail – they gave it such character! I also liked the extra lining inside the hood – great for drying hair.

17506472_10158326675750580_1458015421_nBath time soon rolled around and we had no issue getting Eden into the towel when she was all done. Before Cuddledry, this was always when issues started. Our house is often a bit like an igloo, so she would get so cold after a bath and it would be hard to warm her back up again quickly to keep her happy. Just like the apron towel, the Cuddleroar made sure we could squeeze her dry and keep her warm at the same time. No rubbing, no crying and no getting annoyed. Just snuggles, cuddles and a warm, happy toddler. Because the towel is so absorbent, I also didn’t get covered in water like I do with some other types of towel. I also liked that we could keep the hood up while we dressed her, keeping her head and hair nice and warm (and spiky!). 17505747_10158326740735580_901154164_n

Overall verdict on Cuddleroar? I love it. I really do. Since discovering Cuddledry, we have very rarely used any other type of towel. I love the softness, the absorbency and the ease of using them. There is a perfect amount of material as well – the right amount that we can bundle her up comfortably now and will still be able to when shes older. Also, anything that encourages cuddle time is good for me. I love that as Eden grows, she will appreciate the character in the towel a lot more – we already have fun ROARing after bath time, likely much to the dismay of our neighbours! I can’t wait to try this at the swimming pool as well, and possibly on out holiday to Florida in December. The idea of a little Dino running (carefully) around the pool area makes me chuckle.

17505815_10158326740745580_9711227_nCuddleroar and the other fabulous toddler towels retail at £34.99 and are available from many places including the Cuddledry website. If you subscribe to the website for the first time, you can also get 10% off your first order too! At first I did think these towels were a little pricey, but after using this one and our apron towel, I think they are worth every penny. They have lots on the site, from pool towels to hair wraps, bamboo flannels and even Rubber Duckies!


The only thing that could make me love Cuddledry more is if they added a cuddlecorn/unicuddle unicorn towel to their range! Imagine the beauty…


DISCLAIMER – We were sent this product for the purpose of an honest review. All opinions are our own.
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2 Responses to REVIEW – Cuddleroar Toddler Towel

  1. Amy says:

    Love the spikes! A unicorn hood WOULD be awesome too 😉

  2. vinkie says:

    love how it looks!! Can I know the measurements of it? >v<

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