Normal is Boring 

Isn’t it funny how you can see polar opposite things in the same few hours?

On my way home from work today I saw this in a local book stores “Mother’s Day”  window display. Excuse my rubbish overexcited attempt at photography.

It’s a copy of the book “Heather Has Two Mummies” just nestled in there with all the other books! This made me so happy that I went straight in and bought a copy as I’ve never actually been able to find this book in a store. Seeing it displayed so prominently in the window really made me feel like so called “alternative” families are becoming more mainstream. It also made me happy that kids wandering past who have two mummies would see their family represented there alongside others – just NORMAL! Nothing special, just a normal family that is celebrating Mother’s Day – or Mothers’ Day as it is in our house.

A little while later I received a link to our story in the online version of the Sun newspaper. You can read it here – . The story is lovely, but the comments. Dear GOD the comments. “Nasty people”, “what next, Elvis is alive? Disgusting!” I don’t tend to take to heart the musings of readers of the Sun (particularly when some of it is a well known donor site psycho pretending that she is a donor…), but at the same time it reminded me how far we have to go before families like ours will be accepted as “normal”. It reminded me that behind every positive bookshop display, there are a few numpties who are stuck in the past. At this point I’ve stopped reading the comments, and despite what said psycho says, I haven’t commented on the piece at all.

What these numpties will soon realise, though, is that the world is moving forward. It is moving forward and it will continue to do so with or without them. Amy and I will continue to be proud of our little family, and so should every family out there. Because families aren’t made by a combination of genitals. Families are made with love and we have plenty of that here.

Who wants to be “normal” anyway?

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