Oh, The Places You Will Go – Eden’s First Shoes.

Since just before she turned one, Eden has been working hard at walking. We were aways told that we needed about six weeks of confident walking before considering shoes, and when that time came around we headed to our local shoe store to find Eden’s very first pair of shoes. 

I have to say, the weeks previous to this had been frustrating. Eden was absolutely desperate to get out of her pushchair and walk around outside, but obviously we couldn’t let her in the winter. Had it been summer, I would have happily let her run around in soft shoes or barefoot in certain places, but obviously in winter one risks frostbite, so not that great an idea!buggy

So, the day came that we took Eden shopping for her first pair of shoes! The tradition in Amy’s family is that her nan (Eden’s great nan) buys the shoes. Amy’s nan is terminally unwell and we were so worried that she wouldn’t be around for this, as she had said since before Eden was born that she wanted to buy her first pair of shoes. We had even considered buying her first pair of shoes early just so she would be around, but it didn’t come to that. Although she was too unwell to come along with us, she gave us the money for the shoes, which made them even more special.

We headed to Clark’s, which is somewhere i’ve trusted for shoes ever since I was a littel girl. Their shoes tend to be pricey but it is worth it when the development of little feet is so important.

sarahFirst, Eden had her feet measured. She was ever so good and barely wriggled at all despite the strange man putting strange things on her feet. We deduced that, like most people, she has one foot that is very slightly bigger than the other. The final measurement was a size four, so we got to looking at shoes. We originally picked out a pair that they unfortunately did not have available in Eden’s size, so we settled on little pink sparkly ones! Eden ws so happy with her new shoes and ran circles around the store with them on.

Once we had bought a Little Life back pack (FAIRY WINGS!) and reins, Eden had a little fairybabywander in her new shoesies. Shes been wandering ever since and loves an adventure. We’ve even switched from her Cosatto Giggle travel system to her Cosatto Yo stroller because it’s easier for her to hop in and out of as she wants to.

Eden is absolutely LOVING seeing life from the ground and we are looking forward to all the exciting places that her very first pair of shoes will take her. Thanks Nanny Ed!

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  1. Shoes are such fun! As it gets nicer check out soft star shoes, we’re obsessed! They’re great for developing feet and even make them in our sizes!

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