Did You See Us In Chat Magazine?

We recently appeared in Chat Magazine, which is a womens’ weekly publication here in the UK. It was a great story about how we found Superhero Donor and the resulting little superstar that came from his help.

image2.jpgI’ve always been kind of against talking to press and such, but I also like the idea of doing more for people to learn positive things about the world of online sperm donation. Too many articles talk about “the seedy online world” or “how desperate women must be” or “how many perverts there are.” Most of which is true. There are a lot of not-so-nice characters, there are those who are in it for sex and there are those who are so desperate to concieve that they will do “anything” asked of them.

But then,. there’s the other side. The side where normal, helpful men are making families with normal, healthy couples and singles. The side where gorgeous kids are made in loving families. No drama, no coersion, no “underground” anything.

I was so happy when we were contacted and the writer actually wanted to hear the positives. They weren’t digging for “dirt” or trying to get “the goss”. They just wanted to know how Eden came about and about the wonderful person who helped us to become parents.

Anyway, here’s our article. Enjoy!


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