Eden’s Cake Smash!

I have always loved the idea of a cake smash shoot for a first birthday. Bright colours, froofy tutus and cake? What’s not to love? I think they’re absolutely fantastic when done well, and when my sister offered to buy Eden a photoshoot for her birthday I booked up a local photographer immediately.

We chose a lovely lady who lives not to far from us – Emily Miller – as I had seen her photography online and loved how she captured moments with children. We spoke about themes and decided on unicorns and rainbows, which is so ridiculously Eden it’s unreal!

Emily’s home studio was lovely and we had a great time taking the pictures. Eden was a little hesitant at first but eventually got down and smashed that cake to tiny pieces! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, because they really are fabulous. These are just a small selection of the pictures that we received.

You can check out Emily Miller Photography HERE and Eden’s Rainbow Dash onesie was made by the lovely ladies at Born Cool.

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