npower Family Super Powers

It always makes me laugh when I hear someone say that they or someone else is “just” a parent. JUST a parent? Personally, I think every parent is a super hero. We were contacted by npower and Mumsnet to talk about our very own superpowers, so I gave some thought to my personal skills.

If I had to pick one super power of mine it would be strength. I use strength every single day as a parent, whether that  be physical or mental. I think all parents have the strength of the Incredible Hulk mixed with the patience of Mary Poppins and the death stare of Monica from Friends.


Can you see the “she’s finally asleep!” look behind those tired eyes?

Early on, the super strength I needed was mental. The strength to drag my sorry ass out of bed every three hours or so to feed Eden. The strength not to bitch-slap the next little old lady who says “poor little one! I bet she’s hungry” as Eden howls down a coffee shop after JUST being fed ten minutes earlier. The strength to not go and hide in the bathroom when Eden threw up her bottle for the fifth time thanks to the joys of reflux. Plus the physical strength to manoeuvre the pram up and down the high street and on and off buses – there should be classes for that! And don’t even get me started on the car seat and the many struggles of that. Not to mention the physical strength needed to get up after giving birth and walk around with stitches in your hooh hah. Seriously, those early days do take superhero strength.

Nowadays, I find that we strength I use is mental AND physical. I have to pull on my


Don’t underestimate the mischief in those eyes!

supermum mask and summon up every bit of strength I have when Eden loses her shit in public. Not only the physical act of dragging her out of the sandpit as she throws herself on the floor shouting because somebody else has a balloon and she doesn’t, but also the mental strength to plaster on the happy face and not just bury my face in the sand and let her get on with it! The physical strength to strap her into the buggy when she decides that the buggy is the devil, coupled with the mental strength to smile at the passers by and say “toddlers, hey?” without telling them to help or move on. Toddlerhood is fun!

Parenting is hard. But for every occasion where I have to pull on my cape and be supermum, there are a hundred more where I’m ‘just’ a parent. Much like all the other ‘just’ parents around, my super powers stay hidden until I need to save the day, then I don my cape and it’s super Laura to the rescue!

Share a video or image of your parenting super powers with npower at for a chance to win one of three UK theme park resort breaks! You can also tweet your super powers using the hastag #familysuperpowers – both ways of entering give you a chance to win! All parents are superheros, so let’s hear about your super alter ego!

Disclaimer : I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity. I have received a voucher as a token of thanks for this post.
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