REVIEW – Messy Me Tunic Bib



We were recently sent a coverall bib from Messy Me to try out. Eden, like most babies, is a messy eater so we were interested to see how it would work out. 

We were sent the Messy Tunic Bib in red with white stars (RRP £9.50). My first impression was that the product was of high quality and was very colourful. The size was great for Eden at a year and continues to fit well – I would imagine it will fit for a long time, which is always good. I also liked that the length of the bib meant that most of Eden’s clothing was covered.

16683140_10158118016705580_1928154875_nWe first tried the bib with spaghetti and it protected Eden’s clothes well and fitted snugly so that no food was able to dribble down the inside. This is something that I’ve found quite common with traditional bibs, so I was excited that this one offered actual protection despite appearing to be quite large. You can wash the tunic in the washing machine at a low heat and , although I find that it does stain quite easily, it remains high quality and durable.

Eden does tend to pull and tug at bibs, and I’m happy to say that this one has survived her toddler strength. No rips or damage to be found. We use this bib as our default nowadays when we are out an about. Part of me wishes that it had sleeves, because that’s the only thing it lacks, but that’s a small wish.

I’m looking forward to using this in the future for messy play as well as for feeding in the house and out and about too. Although they seem expensive at first, I think these bibs are a great investment and will last a long time.

You can find this tunic and many more products at the Messy Me website.

Disclaimer : We were sent this product for free in order to review. All opinions are our own.


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