REVIEW- Heavenly Tasty Organics Toddler Snacks.

Although Eden is not by any means a picky toddler, we like to keep some variety to the snacks that she enjoys. Just like an adult, she gets bored with having the same thing over and over, so we try to mix it up a bit. When the folks at Heavenly Tasty Organics offered to send us some of their Dairy Free goodies, we jumped at the chance for Eden to try something new.

When the package arrived, I opened it with glee! Inside were lots of yummy bits – Coconut Squishies in two different flavours, two types of bread sticks and two varieties of Veggie Waffles. All tasty, organic and dairy free.

The first thing we let Eden try were the plain Italian Bread sticks. They were a hit! We still keep a packet of these in her lunch bag whenever we are out and about as they are so good to just hand over if she wants a quick snack. They`re relatively mess free and perfectly sized for little hands. They also make a pretty satisfying CRUNCH noise as your toddler chomps through them. The rosemary variety of these weren`t an immediate hit like the plain ones were, but Eden loves them now. These are recommended for one year plus.

We had originally tried the Veggie Waffles in the Carrot and Cumin flavour at the Baby and Toddler Show last year. Just before lunch, Eden covered herself in delightful orange mess. So, when I opened both packets and saw that the Sweet Beet and Shallot Veggie Waffles were BRIGHT PURPLE, I treated them with some caution. Thankfully, as Eden is a little older now, she doesn’t always spread everything all over her face nowadays, so she was able to enjoy these without damage to clothes or similar. I had a little try myself, and I loved how the cumin gives the carrot flavour a little extra kick. I give these to Eden as a starter while I`m making her dinner, and they`re some of the only snacks that don`t get immediately fed to the dogs!


Last up were the Coconut Squishies. We were sent some in mango flavour and some in strawberry flavour. Eden goes NUTS for these things. They are her absolute favourite puree type snacks and we have to go easy with her because if we just hand one over, she ends up squirting it everywhere in the hurry to get it into her mouth. I`m not sure what it is that make these so delectable for her, but she just adores them. The mango ones are her favourite by a tiny bit, but she loves the strawberry too. We`ve also used these as a little extra ingredient in porridge, which went down really well.

So, in conclusion, the Heavenly Tasty products were a total hit, and we’ve since ordered more from their website. I really liked that they are made with excellent quality ingredients, all of which are listed on the packets. The idea was thought up by a fellow mum, so you just know that she has your child’s best interests at heart. The only thing I dislike is that they are SO difficult to find! There`s a list on the website of lots of different retailers, but they are nowhere to be found where I live. We have searched high and low and found them in a Tesco about twenty minutes away. Thankfully, Heavenly Tasty organics have a handy shop on their website, which means I can get Eden`s Coconut Squishy top-up delivered right to our door – hooray!

You can find the lovely folks from Heavenly Tasty in lots of different ways. Their website is HERE, or you can find them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter as well.


Disclaimer : We were sent these products for the purpose of an honest review. All opinions are our own.

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