Happy Birthday to Eden! 

Today Eden is one year old. The little girl who changed everything has been around for a whole year. We’ve been parents after three years of infertility for 365 days. We made it!

It’s been a roller coaster. There’s been huge ups, huge downs and everything in between. There have been nights when Amy and I have shouted at each other through sheer tiredness and there have been days where I have felt like the luckiest mummy and wife in the whole wide world. There’s been times when I’ve wondered “what have I done?” And times where I’ve thought “what did I do to get this lucky?”

Is it different to how I had imagined? Totally! Being a parent is a hundred times harder and a hundred times more rewarding than I ever could have imagined. Looking back at pictures of her first few weeks of life I can’t help but notice that I look exhausted but overjoyed – what an odd combination! But you can see it. I’ve learnt so much about myself in the last year and I think so has everyone around us. I’ve learnt that I am a million times more resilient than I thought and that Amy and I are basically unbreakable.

In the last year Eden has gone from a tiny little bundle of cute, to a walking, occasionally talking, happy, bubbly little lady who had pretty much her whole family in the palm of her little hand. She makes me proud every single day. In the last week she’s started pointing out Minnie Mouse everywhere and saying “MIMMY” and she took her first steps while we were in Atlanta on holiday. She can show you where her head is and where your nose is (but not hers…). She high fives and will dance if there’s music on. Eden is just such a happy little soul. She brings us so much joy.

The high point for me in the last year was definitely our Disney holiday. Having my own little family there in one of my favourite places was perfection for me. Eden was her usual bouncy, chatty self and I felt like she had just as good a time as we did, even though she won’t remember it. I can’t wait to show her the photos when she’s older and to plan more trips with her.

The low point for me was the three days in hospital with jaundice and the judgement for not breastfeeding her. As of now, though, that is very much in the past. I’m glad it is.

So, what has Eden achieved in the last 365 days? As far as talking goes, she says “mama”, “doggy”, “cat”, “bye bye”, “hiya”, “mum”, “nana”and “Mimmy” (Minnie). With a few other “noises that might be words” thrown in. She eats three meals a day and enjoys her food, but still had three bottles of formula a day too. Eden also crawls and can take five or six steps at a time without assistance. I’m pretty convinced she’s training to be a climber as she seems to want to scale just about anything that she can! Her favourite things to do are dance with her Beat Bo, watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and play with the dogs.

I can’t believe it’s been a year. Our little girl is a whole year old. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our little family. Enjoy the photo spam below!

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13 Responses to Happy Birthday to Eden! 

  1. Oh my, one year already!! Happy birthday little one.
    And to you and Amy, well done for getting through the first year – I so ageee it’s much harder than anyone could ever have you believe, but from reading your blog I can see that Eden couldn’t have wished for a better first year in this world. Xx

  2. lesbemums says:

    It’s no good asking where the time has gone as you probably have no idea either! I can’t believe it.

    Happy Birthday, Eden!

    You’re a little ray of sunshine and I can’t wait to watch you grow. You bring a smile to the faces of anyone you meet.

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  3. My Two Mums says:

    Happy birthday little lady! Can’t believe that year has flown by.

  4. Happy Birthday Eden! Such a beautiful, happy baby 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter…she is just so so loved! And happy One year to you both for being kick ass moms!

  6. Happy Birthday Eden! She is so beautiful! I’m so happy for you two!

  7. Happy birthday little one!! Congrats to you two as well for making it 1 whole year as mums!! xoxo

  8. colormeanew says:

    Happy Birthday Lil Miss Eden. Congrats on this milestone:)

  9. Ah she looks gorgeous. And you can hear your happiness shining through the whole post. Lovely that 2016 was so fab for you and bet 2017 will be too! #UKParentBloggers 🙂

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