Being Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving in the good ole U S of A. I’m not there, nor am I American but I do think it’s important to take stock of the things that you are thankful for every so often. 


I visited the dr last Friday as detailed in my last post. I’m thankful that the dr listened to what I had to say and took action. She reassured me that it was medical, that I wasn’t a crap mother and that it would be ok one day. I’m also thankful that because of our wonderful NHS, I didn’t have to think about how I would pay for the consultation or the treatment. I’m thankful for modern medicine. 

Postnatal depression is lonely. No matter how full your life is, you can feel pretty alone. Knowing people are there is a big help. I’m thankful for those who have been there since the beginning. Those who didn’t get awkward through infertility or through the court case or once Eden was born. Those who were there and continue to the there now. Thankyou.

I wouldn’t get by without Amy. She’s seen me at my very best and at my very worst and I’ve seen the same of her. I’m thankful for her in my life.

Eden is my best buddy at the moment. Even though sometimes I would happily put her in the bin (those times are usually at 3am when she wakes up with her “play” face on) she has changed everything. Even though change is hard and caring for a small human is more difficult than I could have ever imagined, she has 100% changed things for the better. I’m thankful for my little girl. We spent a long time waiting for her.

Right now, the thing I’m most thankful for is the coffee shop that I’m sitting in. The ability to take the weight off my feet while the baby naps, sip a coffee (or a red velvet hot chocolate… ahem) and just watch the world go by. I’m thankful for living in London where you can just disappear a little. There’s always somewhere new to wander and something different to see. 

I’m thankful for the rough as well as the smooth. Because it’s in the detour that we truly find our way. 

Happy thanksgiving all, or happy Thursday if you don’t celebrate.

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1 Response to Being Thankful

  1. Jennie says:

    Love the picture. Happy Thanksgiving to you (even if you are not in the US 🙂 )

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