REVIEW – The Book of Everyone

First birthdays are always a bit of a minefield. Kids just get swamped with various toys, books and clothes and although every gift is appreciated, but few stand the test of time.

We were contacted by “The Book of Everyone” to review one of their fantastic books, and I quickly jumped in feet first. With Eden’s birthday coming up, the idea was right up our street.

15086420_10157662743115580_1530066462_nEvery single Book of Everyone is unique. “How so?” I hear you cry. Well, it’s simple. You go online and you design it yourself. You can customise everything from the words and colours on the cover right through to what is on each of the pages. You get to put the “author” details on the spine of the book and your very own dedication message on the first page. This is all included in the price.

Once we were done designing Eden’s book, we sat back and waited for it to arrive. First class delivery is free (with a few upgrade options available) so it wasn’t long before our personalised book landed on our doorstep. 14958642_10157621660980580_1773687096_n

I was really impressed with the quality. We had the most basic version of the book and it was still excellently made. The cover is very high quality and the images are sharp and clear, as well as bright and colourful.the pages are nice and thick, making it something that will likely stand the test of time as well as be able to cope with the occasional grubby fingerprints.

I thought there would be one or two facts in the book but it was FILLED with information about what was going on when Eden was born. Everything from who was number one in the charts (Justin Bieber…) through to which sweets were popular and famous people that she shares her birthday with.

15046406_10157662743125580_1992496382_nI would imagine this would be a fantastic gift for anyone young or old. I’m considering getting a couple more for Christmas presents as I just LOVE how personal and customise-able this product is. I really can’t think of anyone that I know that would not enjoy these books. I also liked that in terms of customisation, it was something you could spend a lot of time doing or just a little, depending on your preference.

Similarly, I can’t wait to show Eden this when she’s older. I know I was always fascinated by what was going on when I was born, so when she develops an interest it will be nice to show her exactly what was happening in the world. The fact that it comes in such a great format is just an added bonus!

The Book of Everyone is available here and ships worldwide! The Paperback version of the book retails at £19.95 with various upgrades available. Take a look at their website and you will find lots of great book ideas, from “the Book of Everyone” through to “The Book of Mum” and “Wise Words For Kids”, which is a new addition to the offerings available.


Disclaimer – We were sent this product for the purpose of a review. All opinions remain our own. 

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2 Responses to REVIEW – The Book of Everyone

  1. lesbemums says:

    Oh wow!!! This is a lovely book. I’ve been meaning to find something like this for a while, but the artwork is often cutesy or cartoony. I really like the look of this one. Thanks for sharing.

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