Competition Wins and Flying

Most people say “oh I never win anything.” I’m that person. I won a book once. Another time I won some hotel vouchers but we weren’t going away while they were valid so ended up using them on a night in Birmingham with my sister. But generally, I don’t win anything big.

Amy on the other hand wins all sorts of crap! Premiere tickets (Finding Dory was my trainfavourite), more coffee than you could ever need and plenty of football game tickets, hats, POP Vinyls and posters. She’s one of those lucky people who wins competitions a lot, but we’ve never won anything huge.

We just got the biggest win yet. Amy had entered a competition with an airline to win tickets to a USA game and flights there and she WON! The prizes were New York, San Francisco, Miami and Atlanta. We joked that we would probably end up off to Atlanta as that was the place we were least interested in and of course that’s the case. But a free holiday is a free holiday and we are SUPER looking forward to seeing somewhere new.

I had concerns at first about what we would do with Eden, but we spoke to the PR and they dded her on for free! So Eden is taking her first USA trip with her mummies in just over a week’s time, which is silly! People’s reactions have been quite amusing. From the “What, you’re dragging her all that way?” to “She won’t even remember it!” Very few people have actually been happy for us, which is a little bizarre if you ask me, but each to their own. Truth be told, I have no time for negative energy.

I have to admit I’m terribly anxious about it. It’s a nine hour flight, which is a long time with an eleven month old who is potentially distressed at the idea of hurtling through the air for nine hours…

sleepyEden is generally a very good traveller. When we went to Paris (by train) she slept the whole way there and it was easy enough to keep her entertained on the way home, but this journey is TRIPLE the time of that one and that’s before you factor in the time in the airport too! She doesn’t have her own seat, so she will be confined to mine and Amy’s laps and any floor space that we can find. Normally, I rely pretty heavily on her pushchair and we won’t have that with us on the plane.

I do have a loose plan, which I’m hoping will work in our favour. It’ll be an early morning for us, so she won’t be sleeping until her normal time. The plan is to let her nap in the car, before waking her up to go through security and such in the airport. Rumour has it that our airport terminal has a play area after security for babies ages 0-2, so I’m hoping we can fling her in there to wear herself out before boarding. Then I’m hoping that a bottle during take off will help with her ears and lull her off into dream land for at least a couple of hours. We’re also going to give her calpol about an hour before boarding just to help with any ear pain. After her hopeful nap, we will have at least one toy/book per hour of the flight, plus a couple of extras as well. I’m trying to keep them as quiet as possible so as not to disturb other passengers, but fact is a lot of her favourite toys are ones that make noise and I’m sure people would rather listen to a toy than a shouting baby.

We’ve been reading up flying with babies and deduced that Eden is probably a little blog3too big for the in flight bassinet, so we haven’t requested one.We’re going to pick up some food for her in the terminal as well as ready made formula for the journey, to save the bother of bringing powder and water through security.

The way I see it is we have never done this before and as long as we try our best and respond to her cues, we should be fine. We’re only in Atlanta for a flying visit with an NFL game in the middle, but we’re hoping to squeeze in the Georgia Aquarium and a visit to the World of Coca Cola… Loser that I am, I’ve also sought out our nearest Target so we can stock up on painkillers (we always buy these in the US) and sweeties. I’m also excited that we should be able to get a Beat Bo toy with an American accent rather than the irritating British accents that they have over here. All the important things obviously…

All in all, we’re very excited. It’s not without anxieties and we are making sure we have VERY good travel insurance, something that we never really worried about when it was just Amy and I, but with Eden we obviously can’t take chances. Wish us luck!

Tell me your best tips for flying with small humans!

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5 Responses to Competition Wins and Flying

  1. ohprettycity says:

    Wow, what a great prize! How can people not be happy for you? I’m off to enter some competitions now! 😁

  2. Mamalife says:

    Wow. It will be fun.

    I travelled with my son across 3 continents( total 27 hrs) when he was 11 month old.
    All European airlines will give you a baby seat belt to loop you in with your seat belt, but American airlines dont. So, depends with whom you are flying, and yes make sure she has something to suck on while take off till reaching flying altitude. Same for landing( landing is when ears hurt most for baby)

    2) DO NOT take any window seats or close to the wings. The noise of the engine durinng takeoff will make all babies scream for life. I made this mistake during one leg of the journey and was stuck with a screaminng infant for 8 hours.

    3) i prefer not to take the baby seats because they do not let you keep the child on the floor. The stewards will insist and you will be forced to hold a baby the whole time. Instead take one of the middle row seats, you can seat Eden on the dinner tray and she can sit face to face with you.

    4) they serve baby food on all major airlines, book early.

    5) i flew from Heathrow with my son and they let you take baby food and water in small bottles, but you have to sample everything in front of them to prove its harmless.

    6) you can take a stroller all the way up to the aircraft , tthey will stow it for you. Will help at Atlanta because the airport is Huuuuuuuugggeeee. Amongst the biggest airports Ive seen.. And baby wear Eden in the flight so she can be secure with you.

    7)thank you note for your co-passengers. They might be potentially giving 9 hrs to a screaming infant.

  3. meandmycrazywomb says:

    That’s an amazing prize! Eden is so lucky. Keep up to date with the smog alerts for Atlanta. I have family over there. The air gets a bit dense. Have fun!

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