We’re All On The Same Side, Aren’t We?

“It takes a village” is what everyone told me when I was pregnant. It takes a whole bunch of people to raise a baby, and everyone around you will be “happy to help”.Especially other parents. They have TOTALLY got your back, right? RIGHT?

It always amazes me when parents are bitches to other parents.I mean, surely if anyone gets being a parent, it’s other parents? If anyone gets the hazy mess that the first few weeks are and the very steep learning curve that follows, it’s those who have been there. When your baby is losing their mind over something or other, you expect the supportive people to be the ones who also have a munchkin or two with them.

Nope! Whilst other parents are often my saving grace, in the last week I’ve seen some pretty crappy behaviour. Women jabbing maniacally at the button in the lift to make it leave before others get there, groups at soft play who won’t let their kids play with those not in their “group” and people who just let doors slam on other parents. Those who throw a dirty look if your child makes a noise. Those who visibly judge or make comments about other parents within earshot.

We’re all in the same boat here. How hard is it to shuffle over on the bus, hold the door open or throw a crying baby a smile rather than a tut? I know you’re in the same place as me. I can see the invisible matchsticks holding your eyes open. I can see that you’re knackered and irritable and just want to drink your coffee without the toddler swiping at it.

Come on parents! We should all be in this together! Let’s build each other up rather than tearing each other down.It’s so much easier when everyone cuts everyone else a little bit of slack and just gets on with it. Quit the judging, quit the school yard behaviour at softplay and let’s deal with what we have in common – we’re parents. So, let’s treat folk with respect as a good example to our kiddlywinks.

No judgement, no bitching, just doing what we can to make life easier for one another.

(Rant brought to you by a mum who just had a door slammed in her face by another mum)

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2 Responses to We’re All On The Same Side, Aren’t We?

  1. AmyApplesnail says:

    Wow, that’s disappointing 🙁 I guess some cliquey, bitchy people become parents and don’t become more compassionate.

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