REVIEW and WIN – Little’s Flavoured Coffee (of joy!)

No “mum survival kit” is complete without a healthy dose of coffee. For those who don’t know me, I’m a massive coffee fan and also have a bit of a sweet tooth. In an effort to be a bit healthier, I was looking for ways to keep drinking my very favourite beverage whilst cutting down on sugary flavoured syrups. We all know the sugar free syrups do NOT taste good (this girl can spot sugar free vanilla a mile off) so when the lovely folk at Little’s sent me some of their coffee to try, I was excited to say the least!

Here’s what Little’s have to say about themselves…

We are Little’s The Flavour Enthusiasts and we’re here to liven up your cup. A cup of coffee should make you happy. It’s that moment in the day to look forward to and savour. That’s what our products are all about. We gently infuse the best Arabica coffee we can source with exciting flavours from ingredients we love to create a coffee that’ll have your taste buds high fiving you.

They’re right! A coffee SHOULD make you happy! I know since being a parent I really savour my morning cup of coffee while Eden plays with her toys. It’s almost sad when something goes wrong or I end up having to drink it cold. Moment ruined!

coffeepackLittle’s sent me their “chocoholic selection box”, which was an excellent choice for a sweet-toothed lady like myself. It contains Chocolate Orange favour, Swiss Chocolate flavour and Chocolate Caramel flavour. And… here’s the best bit… only FOUR calories per cup! FOUR! Obviously that’s before adding milk or such, but it’s an awesome starting point!

I tried the chocolate caramel flavour first and thought it was lovely. Often I think that instant flavoured coffees either go too far on the flavouring or not far enough, but this was right in the middle of perfect. It wasn’t an overpowering flavour, but it was enough to stop me adding sweetener or sugar. The Swiss chocolate was like a hug in a mug. Lovely and chocolatey, again without being overpowering or too understated.

I knew the chocolate orange would be my favourite, so I kept it for last. It did not coffeeponydisappoint. Sweet, chocolatey and with just enough orange to be perfect. Being a bit of a coffee snob, I also very much appreciated the quality of this coffee. Quite often, an instant coffee can taste synthetic and low quality, but Little’s tastes excellent.

Since getting the gift box, I have since bought the French Vanilla flavour and the Coconut Flavour instant coffee too and look forward to growing my Little’s collection. I haven’t been disappointed yet, and their website contains a plethora of flavours to try both in instant varieties and some in ground coffee varieties.

Below you’ll find the entry page for our first EVER competition and your chance to win a Little’s Chocoholic Selection box of your very own. If you complete all of the prompts on the page, you can score yourself FIVE entries to the competition. T&Cs apply and UK entrants only please. Competition closes 23/11/2016 so get your entries in!

Little’s Coffee Gift Box Giveaway!

You can find Little’s online at The Little’s Website, where you can buy your very own pot of joy or find your nearest stockist.

After all, there’s no better mum fuel than coffee – when we have time to drink it!


Disclaimer – We were supplied with this product for the purpose of a review and a competition. All opinions are our own and are not influenced in any way by the supply of the product.
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5 Responses to REVIEW and WIN – Little’s Flavoured Coffee (of joy!)

  1. Jade Lauren Fitzgerald-Neish says:

    Oooh yummy! Would have to be chocolate orange… im a real sucker for terrys!

  2. lesbemums says:

    Oh you know how to treat a coffee lover. I too know a sugar free syrup when I smell it.

    This collection looks great – perfect for Christmas.

    Great giveaway.

  3. ohprettycity says:

    What a great selection of coffees, I’ve had the vanilla but would love to try all the other flavours too!

  4. Nic Dransfield says:

    Love your blog and of course this giveaway x

  5. Coffee is totally essential!

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