Ten Months!

Eden has reached the grand old age of ten months! Sorry this update is (as usual) late, but here we go with what she’s been up to in the last month or so.

14658235_10157513270040580_997412926_nCrawling. Mostly crawling. This little girl is FAST and loves to get around. She does sometimes go a bit too fast for herself and fall on her face, which is hilarious when she’s somewhere soft, but not so much on hard floor. Consequently, we’ve been haunting soft play a fair bit, where she’s been working hard on her climbing skills and her “giving mummy a heart attack” skills. Standing is her favourite thing and she cruises along the side of things pretty quickly now as well. At soft play, she’s worked out how to climb up to the slide, but not quite how to get down yet as we still need to help her with that. Quite often, she’s more bothered about trying to climb UP the slide like a hooligan.

I don’t think it will be too long before we have steps. You can tell that Eden considers it 14330175_10157381889355580_7003353712805741239_nwhen she’s transferring from place to place, but she hasn’t quite got the guts to let go and see how she does yet. She will happily stand for a while unsupported, but doesn’t move from where she is standing.I have no doubt that it will come with time and I’m super excited for her first steps and that all important first pair of shoesies! She pulls up on just about anything and everything nowadays and loves to stand and dance, especially if you tell her to “shake her booty”. Any music on the TV and you usually end up with Eden stopping what she is doing to have a good dance. The Jake and the Neverland Pirates Theme is her favourite at the moment. She also loves to wave at everything from people to animals to buses…

14681868_10157500580360580_7563848802684800427_nFood wise, there isn’t a whole lot that this child won’t eat. Pretty much anything we put in front of her gets wolfed. When she’s had enough she blows raspberries (usually with food in her mouth – hooray!) and knocks it all off her tray, much to the delight of the dogs! She mostly has a smaller portion of whatever Amy and I are having and at the moment we haven’t found anything that she doesn’t like. She’s even made peace with peas and wants to share whatever everyone else is eating! Sausages are her favourite, as are crumpets in the morning and strawberry yoghurts too. She still eats mostly formula, but we are definitely making headway with food. Unfortunately she’s not the biggest fan of water with her meals or of using anything other than her hands to eat, but we are working on that. When she’s not feeling lazy she will even hold her own bottle.

In terms of growing, she’s firmly in her 914694790_10157513270345580_1446789441_n-12 month clothes and has even rocked a couple of 12-18 onesies. As usual I have no idea what she weighs or how long she is, but I’m guessing our one year check and vaccinations invitation will come through over the coming weeks, so I might be able to update on that next month. She’s had another little cold this month and a mild chest infection which thankfully went away without antibiotics. She’s also now got four teeth and what looks like another two or three coming through. Her hair is FINALLY doing some growing as well, so hopefully we’re at the end of the “what a lovely little boy” era, although I doubt it.

This age is great so far for language. Her words are really 14448961_10157399599985580_2597413859851136047_ncoming on at the moment. This month she’s learnt how to say “doggy”, “hiya” and “bye bye” with a wave, as well as her previous words of “mama” and “mum.” If you give her a phone, she will hold it to her ear and say “hiya” before passing it to someone else and then holding her hand out to take it back. That’s something Amy taught her. She’s also decided that her great nan’s name is “babababababa” which is adorable. It’s interesting that she has specific noises that she makes for certain people. Not all of them are words, but she definitely has different noises for certain people. Her saying doggy is hilarious because she points out everything that she thinks is a doggy, including cats, horses… trees… other children… She also loves to point at things and it often takes a while to work out what she is pointing at and why.

So, that’s the ten month update! Every day is more of an adventure with this little lady and I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold. I can’t believe that we are only two months away from her being a WHOLE YEAR old! Needless to say, her party plans are already underway!




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2 Responses to Ten Months!

  1. speechbaby says:

    Happy 10 months, it’s such a fun time!

  2. AmyApplesnail says:

    What a cutie!

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