Days Out With Aldi Mamia

Recetly, we took part in the #Mamiadaysout Challenge with Aldi and Britmums. Aldi do a whole bunch of baby goodies, and we were sent a few of them to try out on the go. I’ve got into the habit of carrying quite a few snacks and things with me in the last little while as they are helpful when Eden is having a whine or just getting bored of being in the buggy, so I was excited to see what was around the corner.

me3When our wonderful hamper arrived I was excited to see what was inside. When we looked, we found two packets of rice cakes, various purees, some fruit posts and some apple and blackcurrant juice, as well as a voucher for nappies and wipes. We pretty much always use nappies and wipes from Aldi as we have found them to be some of the best on the market, but the rest of the stuff was new to us and I got busy planning our day out. 14619894_10157477138360580_209514097_n

The last three months of maternity leave don’t leave many funds for actual days out, so Amy, Eden and I headed to the local park. Now that Eden is more mobile we try to get out at least every other day for her to run off some steam, and the park is her absolute favourite place to do this. Just the mention of swings sends her into a frenzy that only a ten month old could experience. We packed a fruit pot, the juice and rice cakes for our trip as well as copious nappies and wipes. It was a beautiful day and surprisingly the park wasn’t too busy!

14619953_10157477138240580_819895631_nFirst up was of course the swings. Eden absolutely adores them and always makes a beeline for them at any park. She had a great time, often going juuuuuuust a little higher than mummy was ok with, but always coming back to earth gracefully. She does her very best happy squeals on the swings. Once she was done swinging facing one way, then switching and facing the other (because you have to mix it up with this child!) it was time for a little bit of apple and blackcurrant juice – all that squealing is thirsty work, you know.

We had a little play on the slide, followed y a swing with mummy on the big girl swings. After that we headed back out into the main park to let her run off14608190_10157477138340580_461702903_n
some steam on the grass. Eden can’t actually walk yet, but MAN is that girl fast with the crawling! We can manage a pretty good game of chase just with her crawling around, so I can’t wait to see how fast she is once she can stand on her own two legs.

After a run around we sat down and Eden enjoyed an apple and pear fruit pot. We haven’t really used purees much as we went down the “baby led weaning” path once Eden reached six months, but the pots are a handy little snack and she certainly enjoyed it. Energy renewed, she went for another crawl around before we popped her back in her buggy to head up to the shops for a coffee.

14627974_10157477138200580_561027325_nI love that babies can be so active in the mamia nappies without springing a leak. These are the only nappies that have stuck by us and her since day one. I also adore that the wipes can remove even the most stubborn of apple gloop from wherever they have managed to get it. Aldi’s 100% organic food range was also a hit! The apple and blackcurrant juice keeps her hydrated when we are out and about and is low in sugar so is good for her too! Eden absolutely adores the rice cakes. She’s not so keen on the raspberry, but we have been back a couple of times to buy more of the apple version as they have become a lunchbox staple. Although I dread to think how many rice cakes we have lost in the buggy up to now! They’re being found all over London!


This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia.
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4 Responses to Days Out With Aldi Mamia

  1. Mamalife says:

    Wow. You know, here the dr’s are not allowed to say ok to fruit juice till 12 months. No idea why but even freshly squeezed juice with no sugar is a no no. My dr asks me to dilute any fruit juice in a 1:2 ratio with water. Good to know Dr’s there dont object.

    Eden certainly loves the swing, her smile is adorable.

  2. I think people not understand moderation is the key. Eden has mostly water with an occasional juicy treat 🙂 this one is mostly spring water

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