Pokemon Trainer Fuel With the #HartleysYourLunchbox Challenge!

Pokemon Go fever is sweeping the nation. If you haven’t heard of this little game, where have you been? Seriously, what have you been doing? Walking through parks nowadays you will see lots of folk looking at their phone and actually talking to each `other!. “Found much?””nope. Just Weedles! Nothing but Weedles!”

Being the very best (like no one ever was) requires nutritious, healthy fuel and that’s where the Hartley’s Your Lunch box Challenge comes in! 

Hartley’s Jelly Pots is championing the back to school period with a new campaign, Hartley’s Your Lunchbox. The campaign motivates parents to turn their hand to brilliant lunch creations and collect an exclusive Hartley’s lunchbox through its collector scheme.
We were kindly sent some jelly pots to sample and to help create our nutritious, delicious lunch. With the amount of Pokemon hunting that we have been doing lately, it’s important to keep energy up. It’s all too easy to turn to sugary snacks and crisps for convenience whilst schlepping around London looking for that elusive Mr Mime that supposedly hangs around Buckingham Palace, so I put together a lunchbox that would inspire trainers old and young.
Eden still mostly eats formula but enjoys some food as well, so I put the lunchbox together with her in mind. I intended it as more of an “eat over the course of the day” lunchbox than “eat at lunch time” because obviously she doesn’t eat a whole lot yet. First up was my ham and cheese Pokeball sandwich! Made with white AND brown bread, ham, cheese and a cherry tomato to top it off. It’s fun and is made of things that are Eden friendly. She certainly enjoyed ripping into it and on a purely cosmetic side, it didn’t make much mess either.
I added some Bulbasaur sticks (cucumber), Charmander Candy (cherry tomatoes), Magikarp nibbles (Organix carrot sticks), Blueberry Trainer Fuel (Kiddilicious Blueberry wafers) and Yummy Stardust Jelly (Hartleys blackcurrant Jelly). I figured this would be all Eden would need for our Pokemon hunting adventures throughout the day. It looked great, had lots of colours and lacked any of the baddies that we would pick up in a fast food lunch.
Eden scoffed all of the food throughout the course of the day and we enjoyed sharing with her too – particularly the jelly, which was delicious. It’s also good to know that, with no added sugar, it’s not as indulgent as it seems! Although she is probably still a little young to appreciate my creativity and my best “Pinterest mom” attempts, I’m sure Eden will enjoy my efforts as she grows. In the meantime, I had a great time creating a colourful, healthy and fun meal for our day out.
Oh, and we caught Mr Mime! Hooray!
You can get your own Hartley’s lunch box and stickers, too! In store from July onwards, you can collect 12 special edition green lids from across the No Added Sugar Jelly Pots (115g), to claim a free Hartley’s lunchbox and stickers. We did get the stickers, but didn’t decorate our lunchbox as there was a dog related sticker incident. Once you’ve got your lids, you can claim their exclusive lunchbox by heading to the Hartley’s website www.hartleysfruit.co.uk. Each one comes complete with a sticker sheet of Hartley’s much loved characters and a sticker alphabet for children to personalise their lunchbox.
This post is an entry for BritMums #HartleysYourLunchbox Linky Challenge, sponsored by Hartley’s Jelly http://www.hartleysfruit.co.uk/ All opinions and photographs are our own.
Pink Pear Bear
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4 Responses to Pokemon Trainer Fuel With the #HartleysYourLunchbox Challenge!

  1. ljdove23 says:

    We have one of these boxes and my kids have gone crazy for the jelly! I love your pokemon idea, sounds like it went down well! #bigpinklink

  2. pinkpearbear says:

    Wow! What a cool idea for lunch. I must admit that the whole pokemon thing has somewhat passed me by but I know it’s massively popular and this looks like a brilliant lunch for those that are hunting! Thanks for linking with us. #bigpinklink

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