Eight Month Update

Last week Eden turned eight whole months old. Time really is flying and it’s hard to believe that she’s closer to a year old than newborn.


We’re now wearing pretty much exclusively 6-9month clothing with the occasional 9-12 month bits thrown in. As usual I have no idea what she weighs or how long she is. She’s fitting the right clothes for her age, though, so I’m not worried.


Spot the inmate…

Eden is really getting about now that she has crawling under her belt. She will only crawl if she has to, though as she much prefers to stand. Her new favourite trick is to pull up to standing on absolutely anything that she can. We had to upgrade her playpen to one with solid sides so that she can’t just escape and go wandering around the lounge – we’re not quite baby-proofed yet! She likes to cruise along the side of things and I don’t think it will be long before she can stand and then walk all by herself. Oh, the fun we’ll have when that happens!13907093_1734783283437086_5036525253496085001_n

Speech wise we have more and more sounds every day. She seems to really be sounding things out at the moment and trying to communicate, but hasn’t managed any words yet. She definitely has sounds for different things though. Waving is her new favourite thing and she will give anyone who looks in her direction a wave if given chance. She loves socialising with adults and other kids too and has smiles for everyone.

13912446_1733712940210787_4574408160830440405_nEden continues to progress with food. She has toast, crumpets or yoghurt and fruit for breakfast every day. Lunch is usually some cucumber sticks or similar and dinner tends to be whatever we are having. She also has four or five 8oz bottles of formula a day too. We’re all really enjoying baby led weaning (except for the mess!) because it really can come anywhere with us. We’ve been frequenting places with a free salad bar with main meals so that we can grab some salad for Eden while we eat our mains. We haven’t really found anything yet that she particularly dislikes – this kid will have a go at anything!

This month we played on the beach and built sand castles – well I say “we” built sand seasidecastles but what actually happened was that Amy built sand castles and Eden demolished them! We’ve been to the park A LOT and we’ve spent a fair amount of time on the swings. I’ve been trying to get her out and about at least every other day and we usually haunt the park or the local softplay. We also had a paddle in the Princess Diana Memorial Fountains when the weather was good, which was awesome. We also put away her travel system and transferred to her awesome “Yo 2 Magic Unicorns” stroller that was a naming day present from Amy’s nan. I’m in love! And so is she!13938466_1738399253075489_2375520329581679983_n

Eden is just one of those happy, smiley kids who absolutely seems to love life. Because of her love of smiling and cheeky personality I sent off some pictures to a modelling agency. Yesterday we got confirmation that they wanted to sign her, so our little girlie now has an agent! It’s not a guarantee that she will get work or even castings, but we figured it was worth a shot. Sharing her smile with the world!

Up to now she still sleeps through the night. We’re trying to transfer her into her crib butimg_7227 it’s not going so well and nine times out of ten she is ending up in with us, but we will persevere! I’m in two minds about it because as much as I like my space, I’m also very aware that we will never get these days and these nights with her again, so I kind of have an attitude of enjoying the moments. Sleeping in her crib will come in time.

We’re figuring out what will happen when I go back to work in a few months. I’m having hell with trying to sort things out with them at the moment, so it depends which way that goes but I think we have childcare sorted whatever happens with my job situation. Wish me luck with sorting it out because at the moment it’s all very up in the air!

So, that’s the eight month update. Every day is an adventure with this little lady and I can’t wait to see what the coming months hold for all of us.

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  1. Ahh what a lovely write up! Looks like she is coming along beautifully. I remember the crawling/pulling up stage and Toby had so many bumps and lumps from it all, but he’s always been a bit of a klutz, whereas Ted was much more cautious. Hopefully you can sort out your working arrangements xx

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