Seven Months Old!

Somehow, and I’m not sure how this happened, Eden is seven months old! That’s more than half a year old and is completely ridiculous if you ask me! We’ve gotten up to plenty this month, so here’s the seven month round up!

13631581_10157035650515580_4850262500087491611_nAs usual, I have absolutely no idea what Eden weighs or how long she is. Her bath scales come up anything between 17lbs and 19lbs, so they’re not hugely accurate. She’s fitting nicely into size 6-9 month clothes at the moment as well as still fitting most of her size 3-6 bits. I think she’s had a growth spurt recently as all of a sudden things that were fitting perfectly are now too short. The pile of old clothes to make into a blanket sure is mounting up! She seems to be getting more and more hair as each day goes by and her eyes continue to be blue.

Eden is trying her hardest to get around still. She hasn’t mastered crawling properly, but 13529186_10157198357895171_7524411032491141645_nshe has managed a mean army crawl. The thing she has issues with is getting her face and her bum in the air at the same time – at the moment it’s either/or and not both at the same time. Much to my distress, she’s started sleeping on her front, often with her bum in the air. When she first started doing it, I was waking several times a night just to check that she was breathing, but nowadays I’m a little more chilled about it. I know she could roll if she was having problems and she does always sleep with her face to the side.

13524383_10157004825265580_4213130308892507535_nEden loves to sit up now and play on her foam mats on the floor. She’s taking more interest in her toys and books, and actually looks at things now rather than just putting everything into her mouth immediately! Her favourite book at the moment is her red bus book, which was the first book Amy bought for her. She loves having teddy bear picnics with her bears on the floor and generally spending her time throwing herself around down there. She definitely wants to be more active and I don’t think it will be long before she crawls properly. I’m not sure whether we’re thrilled or terrified at the prospect! She loves to chatter too and says “babababa”, “dadadada”, “mamamama” and “rararararara” as well as making “ta” and “ka”noises. She has a specific noise for Amy and a specific noise for the dogs too. No words yet obviously, but she’s definitely working on her sounds.

Firsts this month were plenty. Eden went to her first Pride 13528764_10157018538300580_5824206432323512494_nParade, which was great fun and we all had a lovely time. Her first tooth made its way fully out and the second one is on the way. We celebrated her naming day with family and friends and she’s started to army crawl as well. She’s also started blowing raspberries, which is great fun. She’s perfected the art of rolling over too. We went for our first trip to soft play this month, which she very much enjoyed and we had our first family photoshoot.

13599893_10157059739270580_7577368517085225337_nWe have mostly moved on from purees at this point and she’s pretty much eating whatever we are within reason. Finger foods are her very favourite and she loves trying new things. We usually have toast for breakfast and milk throughout the day. She then has a meal for dinner, followed by more milk in the evening. Snacks are her favourite and she often has baby biscotti, rice cakes occasionally and wafers too. I love the convenience of her feeding herself and her clothes don’t get as messy as they did with purees. There is a fair amount that gets dropped, but that’s what dogs are for, right? We also bought her one of those mesh feeder thingies, which is great for chunkier fruit and veg.

So, that’s month seven! It seems like she’s growing up so fast now and really getting a little personality. Eden is such a happy, chatty little lady and I hope that doesn’t change. I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold for our little rainbow unicorn.


Pooh isn’t looking so big now!

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  1. Wow! The time is flying. She is beyond adorable – her eyes look right into your soul. What a love bug!

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