Eden’s First Pride Parade

13533182_10156993089415580_5314342699955364771_nAmy and I go to Pride London pretty much every year. We usually head up to town, have a wander through Trafalgar Square and have a look at the various stands and stalls, before heading to find a good spot for the parade. This year we intended to do much the same, but with our lovely rainbow baby in tow!

We started the day running late, with all the transport messed up AND we forgot the Lillebaby carrier! But thankfully it was on the up from that point.

The weather had been forecast to be apocalyptic, so we had everything crossed that it13524502_10157165552285171_7809591331980769283_n wouldn’t be too bad and we would be able to enjoy the parade. We skipped the square and got our spot just down on Pall Mall, where we stood last year as well. Eden and I put a blanket on the floor and had a little play while we waited for the parade to reach us. It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone was in high spirits. Eden was wearing a gorgeous rainbow tutu, which I bought for her when she was about a week old with this very occasion in mind. She was also pretty much up to her eyeballs in sunscreen – can’t risk a burned baby! I find waiting out for the parade often means I get sunburned, but I wasn’t risking that happening to Eden. So it was factor 50 all around!

13512100_1079310085455722_7605435198747352927_nThe parade soon rolled up and Eden had a great time smiling and high fiving people (with a little help). We ended up adorned in all kinds of flags, buttons, badges and stickers and were even given some balloons by Starbucks. Every time we go anywhere with Eden, I’m totally amazed by her. She really is such a happy, no drama baby. It was about 90 minutes into the parade before she needed a bottle and a sleep, so we ducked out at that point so she could nap in her buggy – we had folded it by the barriers so that it wasn’t taking up all important space.

Bottle done, sunscreen reapplied and sleep underway, we wandered down to Trafalgar13438851_10157165552400171_4344604929641722626_n Square. There wasn’t as much to look at as there usually is, so it was a quick wander through and then off for food. Once we were fed and watered we decided to hear up to the Family Area in Golden Square. That was when the heavens opened and oh boy! Did it rain! So much rain! We sheltered under a shop awning until it passed, which was thankfully not too long and then we continued our wander through Soho. The family area was just meh. Whether it was the recent rain I’m not sure, but there wasn’t a whole lot going on there. I thought there might be more family specific stands, but there was a face painting stand, an entertainer and the telegraph newspaper. That was it. Needless to say we didn’t stay long and headed off to find a rainbow coffee.

13502159_10156993092150580_2863417775178543225_nOn the way up Regent street we realised that the parade was STILL going past! This was about three hours since it started! And most people had left, which made Amy and I both really sad. So, we took up a spot near the barriers and clapped and whooped along with the groups. Eden, who was awake by now, pulled out the smiley face and again ended up covered in stickers, much to my amusement. Apparently the parade was about four hours long in total, which is horrendous. Maybe needs condensing a little bit for next year as I can’t see anyone lasting that long!

We ended Eden’s first Pride with a stop in Costa Coffee for the rainbow flat whites that they13439069_10156994420460580_5037741718328259224_n were serving for the occasion. I’d never had a flat white before, so a rainbow(ish) one was a great start! It was lovely and we had a nice rest in Costa while the rain poured down outside. I’m so glad that it held off for the majority of the day, but I felt quite bad for those revellers that were still enjoying the entertainment in Trafalgar Square. Maybe one day we will make it down there with Eden, but at the moment I feel like she’s too little for crowds that size.

13501755_10157165552250171_1081325313402859938_nWe headed home around 7pm, just missing Alesha Dixon in the square – booooo! All in all, we had a lovely day. I was disappointed by the family area. There wasn’t much going on and I didn’t feel like it was very welcoming, despite there being lots of people there. I thought the parade was fab but waaayyyyyyy too long! Sometimes I find that the parade gets a little crazy, and I was quite worried about that happening while we had Eden with us, but I’m happy to report that it didn’t. The people standing around us were lovely and very aware of her. Nobody pushed, nobody acted stupid. It was nice.

Pride is such a lovely occasion for everyone to come together and be proud of whoever they 13501689_10156994418860580_4759076143162309882_nare and whoever they love, and this was especially important this year after the atrocities in Orlando. Seeing thousands of people out on a gloriously sunny London day celebrating was wonderful. I know a lot of people have issues with children being taken to Pride, but I don’t understand why at all. It teaches kids that everyone is awesome everyone is equal and everyone has a right to express themselves. We may go to Brighton Pride also this year and have roughly earmarked New York Pride for next year, but we’ll have to get our ducks in a row before that becomes a definite.


So, happy Pride season one and all. May your rainbows be bright and your company be awesome.


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14 Responses to Eden’s First Pride Parade

  1. Aah looks like you had a fab time! We have thought about taking our little boy to pride next year when he’s one, so it was interesting to hear your experiences. We would be worried about people shoving and it being a bit crazy too, so glad this wasn’t the case, although we had higher hopes for the sound of the family area! The parade is always our fave part but not even we could last four hours!

    • The people around us were seriously fantastic! We had two older gentlemen on one side who were best friends with Eden by the end, and the other side was a group of twenty somethings. They were drinking and smoking but moved away when smoking without even being asked, which was massively appreciated. People really were fantastic. I was impressed

  2. blabbermama says:

    Eden is a cutie! Sounds like you all enjoyed pride! Loving the colourful Costa foam 🙂

  3. colormeanew says:

    What advice would you give for fellow lesbians in trying to have kids? Like where to start?

    • I could write an essay about that! Maybe I’ll do a post about it.
      1) look at your method – do you want IVF? IUI? Known donor insemination at a clinic? Known donor insemination at home? Know what’s available and decide what’s best for you
      2) look at the law. Can non birth mothers get parental rights where you are? Should you see a lawyer before conceiving? Will you need to do a second parent adoption? Be sure of the law before you start.
      3) try not to get frustrated. Lesbians TTC always involves a third person and that is HARD. Sometimes I kind of resented our donor because I just wanted to have a baby with my wife. Temporary resentment but you know what I mean. As soon as I settled and realised that it was ok and was just how things were for us, it was a lot easier.
      4) track. Your. Cycles. Get some OPKs. Know when you ovulate. Obviously this only applies for IUI or donor insemination but there’s no point doing it if you’re not ovulating.
      5) look after yourselves. This is more for known donor insemination. We used three donors over three years, all found online. The first one is now on the sex offenders register. The second was flaky and the third is a total superhero and the reason we have Eden. The point being if you end up going for a known donor situation and you’re looking for someone, trust your instincts and get to know them properly before putting their sperm in you. Make sure they have up to date STI tests. Make sure they know how many donor kids they’re going to have and make sure they are who they say they are.

      Hope that helps x

  4. Becky, Cuddle Fairy says:

    Wow four hours is a very long parade! I am so impressed with Eden for holding up so long. It’s great she took a little mid-parade nap. I love her rainbow tutu – just perfect for the occasion. I was at BML that day in London, it was awful how the trains were so messed up. A lot of people were late because of it. Thanks so much for joining us at #BloggerClubUK

  5. Looks like you had a great time and that tutu is AMAZING!!!!! Four hours seems a bit long for people to stand and watch but it does sound great fun.

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