Eden at Five Months

Five months old! Where does the time go? She’s almost half a year old!

13174088_10156971216280171_602796873346957820_nEden loves to stand up (with support) and is working on her sitting. She can sit unaided for a few seconds but soon topples over! Tummy time is getting closer and closer to crawling every day – she can kind of army shuffle along the floor. She’s better at going backwards than forwards, and often ends up just dragging herself round and round in circles. Her feet have become a source of constant entertainment, ending up in her mouth maybe a little more often than I would like – especially during nappy changes! I’ve learnt that it’s near impossible to change a nappy on a baby who is trying her hardest to eat her foot!

Nowadays we really do have a little chatterbox. She has mastered the art of the squeal, 13118931_10156778832570580_6380783803278272757_nwhich is great at home but not so fun in a coffee shop where the old ladies of the world feel the need to throw evils in your direction! Every day you can pretty much see her moving her mouth in different ways and experimenting with different sounds. It’s very exciting to see and hear. I’m looking forward to that time in a few months when she starts saying actual words. We talk to her pretty much all day long – doing that fun thing where the conversation goes – “squeal” “really?” “squeal” “And then what happened?” “squeal” and so on.

13118883_10156781627860580_46243649947256876_nHealth wise, she had her last of three sets of vaccinations this month. I’m so glad they’re over now until she’s a year old. I’m all for preventing diseases that are preventable, but MAN her little face when she gets those jabs! We’re lucky that she’s not much of a crier, but it still doesn’t make it tug on the heartstrings any less. Nevertheless, I’m grateful to live in a developed country where we have access to these vaccinations. She had an absolutely stinking cold for a couple of weeks, which is now thankfully gone. No other health issues for our little lady, and I’m hoping it stays that way.

Food wise, we are doing awesome. We are only doing purees for now, but want to switch to13124621_10156793787385580_4688517056660426305_n baby led weaning once Eden is sitting up confidently and staying there. She has porridge for breakfast every day, followed by a bottle. We then carry on with her formula as normal throughout the day, and she usually has an evening meal as well. We’ve been giving her mostly vegetables so far. Carrots and mixed veg seem to be a hit, but sweet potato did not inspire much joy in her. We’ve been buying jars, but in the next couple of months I want to start making purees ourselves for her. The plan is to start introducing fruity tastes as well, as previously they have been a bit bitter for her.

13115707_10156971750540171_1561682267_nThis month we went to the park for the first time to take advantage of the sunshine. We have walked through the park before but haven’t actually stopped to play on the grass, so that was fun to do. Apparently a lot of babies freak out when they first feel grass, but Eden was right in there attempting to put anything she could grab into her mouth. And MAN can this child grab! She’s got serious “grabby hands” at the moment and will take hold of anything within her reach and refuse to let go. Doesn’t matter if that thing is a pen or someone’s finger. She will not let go! She almost ended up with handfuls of grass and daisies in her mouth at the park – thankfully we saved them.

Speaking of grabby hands, she’s learnt to hold her own sippy cup! Drinking from it still sippyends in her covered head to foot in whatever she is drinking (usually water), but she’s getting much better at it. For a while she didn’t seem to realise that she needed to tilt it to get the water and that really frustrated her, but she’s got it now. Spoons are also super interesting when we feed her. I’ve taken to giving her an extra spoon to play with so that she doesn’t keep grabbing the one with the puree on it! She also likes to try and hold her own bottle… and sometimes I maybe let her… a little bit.


13236201_10156831513060580_164065488_n.jpgWe also went swimming for the very first time. I did wonder how Eden would get on, as I had never been to our local swimming baths before and worried about how cold the water would be, but my worries were unfounded! The water was lovely and warm and Eden didn’t get upset at all. There was one point where she got a little water in her mouth and had a bit of a wobble, but a certain amount of laughing and “aren’t you silly?”-ing made that better. I do find she takes most of her cues from Amy and I, so we try not to react negatively when something bad happens once we know she’s ok. We spent about an hour in the pool splashing around and “swimming”. We’ll definitely be going back.


Eden continues to be the happiest baby I know. Seriously, she is a total joy to be around. Always grinning and giggling and she only cries when she actually needs something. She’s a joy and a pleasure. I’ve also discovered that she’s ticklish, so it’s easy to get giggles out of her nowadays. She loves to play “super baby” and look at the My Little Pony art on our walls. Much like I’ve said before, the things she finds funny changes by the day – one day it’s a certain noise and the next day that noise isn’t funny any more. Likes to keep us on our toes, this one! Just for fun, we entered her in a local modelling competition thingy a few days ago – means we get some nice professional pictures of her lovely smile. She did great in the shoot.

Sleep continues to be fairly good. Eden has started waking up at about 4am after going 13096153_10156779384555580_6428494901807355813_ndown at about 10pm, but after all of the talk of a four month sleep regression I really don’t mind her waking up two hours earlier than normal. It is just not a big deal. Generally, she will have a 4am bottle and then go back to sleep until between 6am and 8am. Works for me! It’s certainly easier than the says when she would refuse sleep until 1am and then be back up at 4am, 6am and 8am! She now spends mnost of her nights in the Chicco Next 2 Me crib. I generally put her down in it to begin with but if she wakes up and won’t be settled later in the night we just move her over, which to be honest is a rare thing now. I miss my cuddles!

My plan for this month is more toys. More interactivity. Whereas before she was just 13219850_10156831529595580_1797528179_nhappy to play with me, Eden now wants more than that. She actually takes an interest in her playmat and bouncy chair now, so we’re looking forward to getting her lots of toys to help her learn to use her new grabbing skills. Textures and sounds are really interesting to her at the moment, so we want to continue that with some lovely sensory toys. Days at home with her are much more that cuddling, eating and sleeping now. She wants to be entertained and she’s interested in just about everything. We bought her a Baby Einsteins Neighbourhood Friends Jumper and she’s having a lot of fun with that. It allows her to bounce out a bit of her energy! Getting out and about makes the day go by so she can interact with other people and just generally get out of the four walls of the house a little bit – that’s good for my sanity too.

So, that’s the FIVE MONTH update! As always, looking forward to our next set of adventures with this lovely little lady. Her six month birthday will be spent in Disneyland Paris! How exciting!


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17 Responses to Eden at Five Months

  1. Asahela says:

    She is adorable 😍

  2. awellthoughoutchoice says:

    I just saw there are two products to puree baby food and I believe there is one that cooks and then purees the vegetables for you.

  3. So glad she is doing so well!! What made you wean earlier than guidelines ? No judgement it’s purely for my own knowledge, I gave birth to the worlds biggest baby and feel as if she’s going to need proper food sooner than 6 months. Xx

    • Simply that she was ready. She’s got great hand eye coordination (for a 5 month old anyway), can hold herself up unsupported and was absolutely obsessing over our food. Plus formula just wasn’t doing it for her. We’re going to go more in the baby led direction once she gets to six months, but at the moment porridge for breakfast and purees for dinner is suiting her just fine along with her normal amount of formula 🙂 At six months we’ll likely start introducing actual meals rather than more just playing with the food

  4. ourmaybebaby says:

    Really?! There are people that don’t love baby squeals? I laugh every time Teddy squeals, it’s adorable!

  5. lesbemums says:

    Wow! What an update!! Things have really changed within just a few weeks.

    You’re in an amazing time (albeit the sleep regression), full of wonder and curiosity. It’s amazing, right?

    Eden is such a cutie and always looks so happy, and I mean GENUINELY happy and not a “quick! smile!” Baby. She clearly loves life.

    I can’t wait to read more updates and see how weaning gets on. Although messy, it’s so much fun.

  6. Mamalife says:

    Hi, Id like to ask you a few qs on startig solids. I notice you are feedig her solids before the “holy” 6 month mark. My son has a bit of a weight gain issue and the dr had given me the green light to start solids at 4 months. So far am doing rice cereal for breakfast. How soon /fast did you start introducing other foods at other meal times? Even thougj this is my second jig I am worried since with my first I started only at
    6 months and he literally grabbed the spoon and fed himself.
    Pleasr let me know.

  7. AuntieEm13 says:

    Oh this is just the cutest post with even cuter photos! That Dalmatian/cow (?) outfit is so stinking cute and I think I NEED that Ariel hooded towel.

    • I can never quite decide whether it’s a dalmation or a cow! It’s interchangeable haha. The Ariel towel is from Sports Direct. It’s actually toddler size but she neeeeeded it!

  8. Lovely update and what a cutie! Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky x

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