REVIEW – Snooze Shade

With the temperatures in London actually going above 25C this week – hooray! – it was a case of blue skies and sunshine in my little corner of the capital. As lovely as this weather is, we’ve never dealt with it with a little person before and were looking at solutions to keep our little lady cool in the sunshine.

In a feat of completely perfect timing, the lovely folk at Snoozeshade sent us a Snoozeshade Original to try and review here on the blog. I had been dreading the idea of manoeuvring a parasol or sun shade, so  I was very happy to have this product to try.

13162375_10156815953910580_603890099_nWhat is a Snoozeshade? Essentially, it does what it says on the tin. Snoozeshade is a buggy cover for sunny days, to keep the blazing sunshine out of little eyes and allow babies to nap in peace. It is completely safe – unlike some of the muslin or blanket situations you see out and about – and can also be used in cooler weather to keep out wind, insects and even light rain! Snooze Shade fits most types of buggies and is easily attached by the simple straps around the edge. 13162518_10156815954085580_77959785_n

I love how easy to use this product is. I’m pretty sure a child could figure this one out and attach the shade securely to their own buggy. The zip on the middle of the shade allows you to take a look inside and make sure your little one is still snoozing away in there. I found that Eden didn’t want to fall asleep with the shade on as she loves to look around, but when I put the shade on the buggy while she was asleep, she stayed sleeping for longer. It kept her free of the distractions going on around us and allowed for a peaceful, drama free nap and a well rested baba.

13140974_10156815954060580_1968814779_nWith the shade’s built in UV filter – it protects baby from 99% of UVA and UVB (UPF50+) – the shade also makes a helpful blanket to keep little legs free of rays. It also means baby keeps covered and safe, but doesn’t get too hot. I panic about Eden getting sunburnt even when she is lathered up to the hilt in various sunscreens, so the ability to cover up bare legs without making her overheat is much appreciated. I also liked that because the shade was attached to the buggy, it wouldn’t blow off in a gust of wind like a blanket might. On the website, it shows a couple of other ways to use the shade, so I’m looking forward to testing those out over the coming weeks.

We’re very much looking forward to using SnoozeShade over the Summer. It definitely made life easier on the recent warmer days and allowed Eden to catch a decent nap – even with the dogs splashing around in the stream nearby!

SnoozeShade is available from and many High Street retailers. This model retails at £19.99, which is a small price to pay in my opinion for uninterrupted nap time!

Disclaimer – We were sent this product for the purpose of a review, however all opinions are our own and are unbiased. We are not affiliated in any way with Snooze Shade and tested this product in our own time. 


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3 Responses to REVIEW – Snooze Shade

  1. Looks like a really useful product. It’s always a delicate balancing act keeping little ones safe in the sun yet cool in the heat.

  2. agentspitback says:

    This looks like a great product! The sun here is very intense and UV here can get extremely high. I used to get so worried about proper shade. You sometimes don’t realise that you can still get burnt while in the shade, so something that has a UV filter will definitely be a winner. Thanks for sharing with #PAsstheSauce

  3. Louise says:

    What a brilliant product – looks like a great way of keeping the sun off whilst not overheating your little one and still being able to easily check on them too.

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