REVIEW – toTsbaby by smarTrike Chic Changing Bag

Recently we were sent the new “Chic Blue Mélange Changing Bag” from the folk at toTsbaby. When we originally bought a changing bag, I could have bought a hundred, so I was thrilled to have another to add to my (small) collection. Here’s how we got on with our adventure.

image1When the bag arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the size. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a tendency to cart around a lot of crap, which is not helped by having to bring out plenty of things for Eden too, so a spacious changing bag is an absolute must for me. I also liked the pretty blue colour, which I would imagine would be suitable for any style of parent. It doesn’t scream “changing bag” immediately and I would imagine would be easy to incorporate into any outfit without it looking out-of-place. It’s spacious, but not too big or cumbersome and has plenty of room for all of the essentials as well as all the other things that you pick up along the way.

The first thing I did was essentially take the bag apart. I was amazed by how many littleimage2 bits and bats there were to go with it. As well as the hand straps, there is a cross body strap and two short hooks to attach the bag to your pushchair handle with ease. Also, there are several little bags within the bag – one that we have used for a change of outfit, and another little wallet that we are using for medicines and other miscellaneous things. Each of these little pouches connect to the main bag, meaning that keeping everything together is nice and easy. One thing I absolutely loved is that the bag doubles up as a backpack. I tell Amy off for carrying my cross body changing bag “like a sack”, as she’s much more of a backpack kind of girl. This worked great for her, and I would imagine will be very useful when using the Lillebaby carrier rather than the pushchair.

image4I love that the bag has a bazillion pockets – or at least what feels like a bazillion. As you can see in the pictures, it has one either side, which we have been using for bottles. It also has three separate compartments on the inside and a sneaky pocket on the front. These make it easy to keep things organised. We carry a tiny pot of Sudocreme around with us for out and about nappy changes, so having a place to put these tiny, fiddly things is very helpful. It means we don’t have to spend ages digging through the bag whilst holding a wriggly human on a changing table and attempting to wrestle her out of a messy nappy and into a clean one. I’m all about making life easier and this bag fits in well with that. image3

Another handy thing contained within this little bag of tricks is a changing mat. It’s not particularly pretty or fancy, but it’s comfy and it does what it is intended. I absolutely hate the idea of just putting Eden down on changing mats in toilets or wherever, so having our own one that fits neatly into our bag and that we can wipe down and sanitise as necessary is really helpful. Plus, we know exactly where it has been and who has used it. Hooray for products that help with hygiene.

I’ve really enjoyed using this bag and can’t wait for the future adventures that we will have together. One thing’s for sure – it makes organising all of the things you need to carry for a baby as easy as pie and it looks good too. It’s durable, water-resistant and machine washable. It’s good value and I think it would be a great addition to anyone’s baby essentials collection.


The toTs by smarTrike Chic Blue Mélange Changing Bag retails at £64.99 and is available for Smyths Toystores along with the rest of this fantastic range, which includes muslins, bedding sets and comforters too as well as a couple of different types of changing bag.

DisclaimerWe were sent this bag by the lovely folk at BumpPR on behalf of toTsbaby by smarTrike for the purpose of an honest review. All images, words and opinions remain our own and are unbiased. 


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2 Responses to REVIEW – toTsbaby by smarTrike Chic Changing Bag

  1. Wow, that brand has some interesting capitalization.

    Seriously though, yay pockets! And having a little changing mat is an absolute essential. On our road trip last weekend, we ended up at a gas station that had no changing tables and I had to change Little Boy on the bathroom floor. Which was gross, but at least I had our little mat to put down (and wipe off later).

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