Four Months!

This blog is very late, and for that I’m sorry! Life gets in the way sometimes and restricts blogging time. Anyhow, let’s get on with that four month update!

12987147_10156728346855580_5512938458021937180_nLittle girl is four whole months old – ~FOUR! I say this every single month, but it really doesn’t seem like she’s been here this long. At the same time it feels like she’s been here forever. I really could not have imagined how much being a mother would change my life and my priorities, and this surprises me every single day. Especially now that she does more than eat and sleep – she actually responds and needs to be entertained now, which is a whole new challenge.


So, what have we been up to this month? Spring is finally here in London Town, so we have12928248_10156691289000580_1477050704982907365_n
been out and about most days. I find that getting out helps me with not getting cabin fever, so we go for a wander in the buggy most days. Admittedly nine times out of ten that wander ends in a coffee shop, but it gets us out of the house so that’s a positive. Eden sleeps less during the day now, so getting out and about gives her more to see than just the house, which must get boring for her sometimes. Sometimes we just go down the road to our local park, other times we head into Central London for a walk there or to meet Amy from work. I like to shake it up a bit!

12963885_10156708135435580_8051121463335469068_nEden is constantly making noise now – chattering away to herself and anyone who will listening and giggling too, which is awesome to hear. The kind of things she laughs at seems to change from one day to the next, and sometimes the things are really random. A few days ago she laughed HARD at an ambulance on the TV… shame! She still absolutely hates tummy time, but we’ve made it more bearable by giving her a little mirror to play with. We can tell that she’s absolutely desperate to move, but she’s not getting anywhere fast yet! She’s noticing colours and textures and enjoys taking in the world around her.

Eden still hasn’t quite mastered the art of rolling over. She does it very sporadically, but 13055469_10156741009990580_3227505342334447596_nnot often. She’s trying hard to sit up by herself as well and can support herself fr a few seconds in a sitting position. Standing up is one of her favourite things, but obviously she can only do that with support from a willing volunteer. Give her chance and she will stand on your lap all day long! She has super strong legs and loves to pull herself up to standing from a sitting position. We’re hoping to get her some kind of jumperoo over the coming months to help those muscles develop further.

13015098_10156733873925580_8048346917043717868_nMy favourite thing about the last few weeks is that our darling girl has started sleeping through the night! She has her last bottle at around 10pm and generally doesn’t wake up until between six and seven the next morning. We then have another bottle and she will go back to sleep until about nine or ten! It’s lovely! She’s never been a particularly bad sleeper, and I’m so thankful for that. These eight hour stretches are just fantastic. She even slept through the night at my dad’s house (with us), which I worried about as it’s an unfamiliar environment. But no, our little superstar did just fine! We’re still mostly cosleeping, but she does sleep in her Next 2 Me crib some nights as well.

We’ve started trying little tastes of food. She can sit up in her high chair and can put food 12920516_10156698526705580_647776030156744795_nto her mouth, so we considered that she was ready for some little tastes. We’ve started with purees and intend to go in a more “baby led” direction once she hits six months. So far, she’s enjoyed a couple of jars of baby rice pudding, had porridge most mornings and tonight she tried sweet potato puree for the first time. At the moment we’re just having fun with food, so she will be carrying on with her normal amount of milk as the NHS advises until she’s eating three meals a day and is a year old. She seems to be enjoying it and is particularly fond of the rice pudding. We’re doing a mix of store bought and home made purres and I’m looking forward to introducing her to more flavours as time goes on.

12936584_10156673770240580_3792453485607625898_nWe haven’t had her weighed for a while, so I have no idea what she is weighing at the moment. Clothes wise, she’s fitting comfortably into size 3-6 months, whilst still being able to wear a lot of her “up to three months” things. Her 3=6 month selection of clothing is particularly funky, so I’ve been rocking a “What Eden Wore” hashtag on instagram. You can follow my Instagram Here – We’ve really been having so much fun with her outfits this month, so hopefully that will continue. She’s a fantastic and hilarious little model!

One thing that Eden has been doing a hell of a lot of is smiling. Seriously, this kid smiles at 12963555_10156727275895580_7721105394817409308_nEVERYONE and EVERYTHING. She is such a little social butterfly and it’s adorable. A relative pointed out a few days ago that she smiles with her eyes as well, which is lovely. Eden really does have such a cute, expressive little face and her character is coming out more and more every day. I have a feeling she’s going to be one of those super friendly, chatterbox kids when she’s a little older! She is very rarely grumpy unless she’s tired and doesn’t really cry unless there is actually something wrong. She’s also fascinated by other babies and children.

13020630_10156746884860580_1894473517_nIn terms of firsts this month, she’s had her first tastes of food, she took her first long train journey to visit my family (and was a superstar), she met lots of family members who hadn’t met her before, she went to her very first christening (and only farted in the church a few times) and she’s learnt to put things in her mouth. Seriously, anything that she can put in there will end up in her trap! Anything from her hands right through to her many toys and back again. They’ve all been in there. She’s also pretty much permanently sporting a bib at the moment thanks to being a massive dribble monster. I think maybe some teeth are in her near future. We shall see.

It’s also been a year since our first positive pregnancy test – and what a year it has been. IfCFF92DC7-C041-46B7-B5B2-203B9B9A135B_zps0atzsqhn I’d have known that the three years of infertility, three donors, one loss, a crap tonne of progesterone suppositories and a hell of a lot of worry would have resulted in this amazing, gorgeous, happy little girl then that journey would have been a whole lot easier to deal with. I’m grateful for her every day. Really do feel like the luckiest mummy that there has ever been and I look forward to the next lot of adventures with our little lady.


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9 Responses to Four Months!

  1. AmyApplesnail says:

    Love the pictures! She is so ridiculously cute!

  2. awellthoughoutchoice says:

    It is hilarious how many pictures of Eden contain cups of coffee.

  3. She is gorgeous and love her name! Huge congratulations to you both x

  4. ourmaybebaby says:

    Eden is such a cutie! It’s crazy how fast they grow huh? Our little guy (3 months old) just switched to 3-6 a couple weeks ago and I think we’ll be VERY lucky if we get 6 more weeks out of them.

  5. Warren says:

    Love reading these. Reminds me of when my two were little! Make the most of it as the time goes really quickly

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