Why Are People Such Numpties Sometimes?

As you can see from the title, today was not the best of days. Sometimes I say that I just shouldn’t leave the house, and today was one of those days. So, for my first contribution to #effitfridays, I bring you the following rant!

We had quite a pleasant morning, mostly snoozing, playing and bottles for Eden. I had planned to go out and meet Amy after work and use up the last of my Costa Coffee loyalty points for a cappuccino in the local town centre.

dogcat.gifAs I left the house, there was a fluffy cat sitting in the garden. I’m not a cat person, but I pointed out to Eden how pretty the putty tat was while I locked the front door. Then out of nowhere came this massive, lolloping labrador, who chased the cat off down the road. About ten feet behind said lolloping marauder was the owner. “Sorrrryyyyyy!” She was shouting, as her dog ran off down the street after the poor putty tat. I told her it’s not my cat, but perhaps she should put her dawg on a lead? She totally ignored me and carried on racing down the road. This annoyed me because not only had her dog scared the cat, but it had also run across a road to get there. Put your dog on a damn lead!

Drama over, or so I thought. I decided to take a walk through a local park with Miss Eden. I12939507_10156702888135580_1423346154_n like taking her to look at the swans (although we don’t get too close because MASSIVE!). She, of course, fell asleep as soon as we arrived in the park, but I enjoyed the walk anyway. So, we’re trundling along, minding our own business and suddenly there is this infernal yapping noise, and out of the abyss runs a yappy little Jack Russell type fellow. The dog ran towards us, snapping at the buggy wheels and barking. I carried on walking, because I used to have a Jack Russell so I know about this kind of ridiculousness. Then, of course from fifteen or so feet away, came the owner. “Sorrrrry! He’s got a thing with prams!” She laughed. I said to her, feeling a bit like a broken record, that maybe she could keep him on the lead as those who don’t know dogs or have never had one might be really scared by this behaviour and feel the need to defend themselves or their children. I  mean, a small nip to me would be a trip to hospital for Eden. We’ve had a terrier in the past, so I know they’re dramatic little 200 (27).gifshitbags, but not everyone knows this or would have reacted how I did and carried on walking. Well, this woman, after yanking her little vagabond away from the wheels of the buggy, told me that I was overprotective. Me! Overprotective! When it was her little shite of a dog making the racket. Anyway… we trundled on through the park, listening to her dog run and bark at everything from runners to cyclists and everything in between.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am a total dog person. I love dogs. We have two at home and


My Little Darlings

they are my world. HOWEVER! I think if your dog shows ANY kind of aggression in public (and barking is a sign of aggression) they should be kept on a lead in public. If you can’t control them, keep them on a lead. I shouldn’t have to worry about running over her dog that is so upset by the wheels on my buggy that he tries to put himself under them. I also shouldn’t have to worry about the potential of him jumping into the buggy and hurting Eden in some way. It’s just about being considerate of your fellow human, really.

Now speaking of considerate, we then jumped on the bus for the rest of the journey. In the space on the bus that is reserved for buggies and wheelchairs was an old lady’s pull along shopping trolley. ‘That’s ok‘, I thought. ‘More than enough room for both of us in the space‘. Or so I thought. She grudgingly moved her trolley out of the way so I could get the buggy in, at which point Eden and I are smushed into a corner, while she has the monopoly on the space with her luggage. Now bearing in mind that it had taken all of about ten seconds to get the buggy in and for giphy (1).gifher to put her trolley back, I didn’t expect the rant that came from her to her sour faced friend. Apparently it is “stupid” that buggies are even allowed on the bus and she “feels sorry for wheelchairs.” She went on and on and on until I turned to her and informed her that I think her bag is stupid, and if a wheelchair user, not a wheelchair by itself, gets on I will happily get off the bus and walk because I’m a decent human being. I didn’t say it, but “unlike some” was what I was thinking. I hate that people are quick enough to rant about “the yoof of today” but rudeness from the elderly and entitled often doesn’t count. Of course I have priority until a wheelchair user gets on, which didn’t happen. Her trolley wasn’t a walking aid – it was just a trolley. I dunno – maybe she hated the world or something.

Thankfully Eden stayed asleep the whole time so I didn’t have to worry about her potentially crying or something equally as “annoying”. The looks we get when that happens is insane – God forbid a baby crying! – but that’s another story for another day!

So, that was my journey from hell. Thankfully it did end there. The coffee was fabulous and so was Eden of course. We did a spot of shopping and then headed home without further incident, so I guess I was just unlucky in encountering three numpties in a row!

Life with Baby Kicks



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16 Responses to Why Are People Such Numpties Sometimes?

  1. min1980 says:

    Oh dear, sounds like you had quite a day! Good for you for sticking up for yourself. I would have probably said nothing, then gone home and written an angry blog post. What astounds me is the attitude I have heard some people have about buggies on buses, which is, “well, back in our day, when the pushchairs weren’t, like, these MASSIVE THINGS everyone has now…” Um, does anyone remember those ginormous great trailers babies used to be pushed about in? #effitfriday

  2. ourmaybebaby says:

    Totally agree about the dogs! One of my dogs is very friendly but doesn’t have a good recall and the other doesn’t like strangers so they are both always on a leash when we go out in public. It comes down to basic consideration for other people. Too bad you ran into so many rude people today, hope the day gets better.

    • Same as my two. They love absolutely everyone but are not very good at coming back when called, so they don’t go off the lead. I’m well aware that not everyone loves them the way I do. Responsible dog ownership for the win!

  3. KA Doore says:

    Blaargh, bad dog owners are 100% of the reason I don’t like dogs. I was attacked and bitten as a kid so I especially loathe those people who don’t leash their dogs and then yell “he’s friendly!” when the dog leaps at my face. Oy. How hard is it to leash your dog??
    That said, well-trained dogs are the sweetest and I will rub their bellies forever.

  4. babydreamsandlove says:

    Oh people suuuuck!! Our flatmates dog goes crazy at bikes (again would never hurt them just yappy barky drama queen stuff also). But of course when we walk her – we put her on leash for the entire “cycles allowed” part of the track. Its not hard – and she still loooooves her walk! 90% of people that have dogs. Quite frankly shouldn’t. But then, I guess they’d find some other way to be arrogant about daily life happenings I guess. Eugh. People hahaha. I’m glad your coffee was good though. Bad coffee makes things much worse!!

  5. moderatemum says:

    If a child ran full pelt towards her dog whilst shouting aggressively, I’d love to see how overprotective she would get!

  6. christynstephens says:

    It’s so irritating when people don’t act like responsible pet owners. And the woman on the bus? Total numpty!

  7. Annoying dog owners make the rest of us look bad. Although my dog is a huge jerk I at least apologise for his jerkish behaviour profusely. And he’s never aggressive.

    And as for grumpy old biddies…

    • See one of my poochies is a total asshole in that he just loves EVERYONE and he thinks everyone loves him back. That’s why he stays on his lead, purely because I know not everyone loves a Loki kiss!

  8. Kitten says:

    I completely agree with you about the dog thing. I’m NOT a dog person, and the larger ones terrify me if not on a leash. I was once approached by a large dog while taking a walk in a city park. The thing ran right up to me, not in a scary way, but totally uncontrolled and far away from the owners (which is totally illegal here, by the way). I politely informed them that I was afraid of dogs, to which they laughed, because of course THEIR dog was the nicest, sweetest thing on the planet. I said it was a good thing for their dog that I had left my pepper spray at home that day. They didn’t think that was funny. But the truth is, I had no idea of that dog’s intentions. If you love your dog, keep them on a leash.

    • I totally agree as a dog lover. I wouldn’t mind any dog rubbing up to me, but I know how to handle them if they turn. It worries me with Eden because she is tony and defenceless. People should keep their pooches under control. At the end of the day they’re never fully predictable like any living thing and it’s just not worth the risk, but what annoyed me more was that this lady KNEW her dog had a “thing” with prams and informed me of that like it was hilarious!

  9. I wouldn’t have panicked at the dog but I would have a DISTRAUGHT 3 year old if the dog came bounding up to him and barked. Heck if it was 3 foot away from him and barked he’d probably also panic. I think dogs should be kept on leads when on walkways, and when they are off you should have enough control over them (AND have them in sight) that you can call them back. Though I’m not a dog person.

    Lovely first rant 🙂 in particular the use of the word numpty…..xx

    • See that’s the thing I always think about with my pooches. They love EVERYONE. But fact is that not everyone loves them and no one has more “right” to be in the park, so we should all respect one another.
      And I love numpty. It’s one of my favourite words

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