A Year Ago Today…

A year ago today everything was different.

A year ago today, I got my period after my first clomid cycle.

I had waited MONTHS to start clomid after being passed from doctor to doctor and needing various tests. The hospital lost a load of my blood tests, so we had to have them retaken a few times and it just seemed like it was taking forever.

Then I started clomid, 50mg days 2-6 and the Dr told me this was likely my fix. Needless to say the pit that I found myself in after that first cycle was pretty deep.

How was I to know that that was cycle day one of the cycle that gave us our little girlie? I wish I could go back in time and tell myself that we were almost there, that the three years of trying would finally come to fruition. Yes, what a difference a year makes…



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8 Responses to A Year Ago Today…

  1. ljdove23 says:

    Aww and what a beautiful little girl she is! I also took clomid with several of my pregnancies, I’m so glad that it helped you to have your little one! #justanotherlinky

  2. It is a miracle how these things happen! If I hadn’t randomly gone on a hockey your, Bear wouldn’t be here. Three years is a long old wait, congrats. She is beautiful. : )

  3. ShanBaylis says:

    Aww that is the sweetest miracle! A lot of people don’t understand the ache women go through when they are ready to bear children and can’t. I’m glad you were able to get what you worked so hard for. She is quite adorable!

  4. ourmaybebaby says:

    We had almost the same timeline! Last March I had my first Clomid cycle since our loss and was devastated when I didn’t get pregnant. The next month I expected nothing and much to our surprise I ended up pregnant with our rainbow baby 🙂

  5. I really needed this today. Thank you and congratulations. 😘❤️

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