Eden at Three Months Old

Three months! Our baby girl is three whole months old! When she was born this milestone seemed so for away, and yet here it is!

So, how have the last three months treated us here in the Forgot The Sperm household?


Eden is doing great. Her first vaccinations went without a hitch, although they were a little late at ten weeks instead of eight. Such is the way. I was clearly more worried about them than she was because for her it was a moment of crying and then she was happily sucking away on her bottle. Brave little girl! Her next jabs are due about a week from now, but we’re ready for them! Necessary evils.

We haven’t had her weighed recently, but when we did just before the jabs she weighed 5.10KG/11lbs2oz. We do have scales at home, but they’re not 12805753_10156517024840580_1005529045569256823_nhugely accurate. They’re showing around 13lbs at the moment, so she’s a healthy girl. She is just below the 50th percentile for weight, just above the 25th for height and her head circumference is around the 90th! She still actually fits into some of her up to one month clothes, but is mostly rocking 0-3 nowadays. Amy and I spent some time sorting out her 3-6 month clothing a week or so ago. There’s a LOT of it, so I can’t wait to get her going on that. A lot of it is lovely summery things, so I hope the weather starts to perk up here in London soon.

12794441_10156535449255580_6526445277005222459_n (1)At the moment she is smiley mcsmilerson! It’s so easy to get a smile out of her and she is generally such a happy baby. We worked out that she was having some kind of reflux issue, so switched her formula to Cow and Gate Anti Reflux. Not only has that helped with her not vomiting after every feed, it also has made her so much happier in herself and more chilled out. She’s drinking anything between 4oz and 7oz per feed at the moment and goes anything from three hours to five hours between them – she likes to keep us on our toes. She’s had a couple of absolutely stinking colds over the last few weeks, but they’ve been nothing that Calpol and Olbas oil couldn’t sort out. Thank goodness for Calpol plug ins! Those have been total lifesavers during the night.

Sleep wise, she’s doing great. We still tend to go to bed fairly late, but she tends to sleep for around five hours before waking up for a bottle, and then she will go down for another four or so. We’re pretty lucky in that respect. I’m looking forward to seeing if the supposed four month sleep regression affects our little sleeping beauty. Hopefully it won’t12809515_10156535551105580_8402122510224018161_n too much. At the moment Eden still sleeps in with Amy and I, but I have just invested in a Chicco Next 2 Me side sleeper bed, so once we move the bedroom around I will be transitioning her into that. I’d love for her to stay in with us longer, but I really don’t want her to start rolling whilst sharing with us and risk her falling out of bed. Plus a little independence and extra space will no doubt do us both good. During the day she has two or three naps of usually around an hour to two hours long. Normally she has those in her Poddle Pod on the sofa and quite often ends up with a canine nap buddy…

12794380_10156539610610580_6820944282986020616_nEden is absolutely desperate to sit up. She’s got excellent head control and once you put her in a sitting position she will hold herself there for some time supported. She also likes being pulled up to standing, although obviously standing by herself is a long way off! She can roll from back to side, but no further than that yet despite how hard she tries. We’re about to switch her over in the pushchair from the pram attachment to the stroller one because she’s getting SO frustrated being laid down when we go for walks. The stroller attachment still lies flat, so she will be flat for 12806153_10156539616145580_7022799541773252455_nher naps as recommended until she is six months old. She’s clearly very keen to learn about the world. Eden has also started vocalising and making random sounds now. It’s almost like you can have a full on chat with her between the smiles and the noise. She also seems to think that everything is food and will knaw on whatever you put in front of her – her clothes, toys, her hands or anyone else’s hands too…

We’ve been out and about all over the place the last few weeks. Eden came to The Baby Show with us at 12799038_10156538755655580_6062335935541075527_nthe Excel Centre. She also had her first ride on the Emirates Cable Cars across the River Thames (although she was asleep the whole time) and has done plenty of zipping around on buses, trains and the London Underground. We’ve been for more coffee dates than I think I’ve ever been for in my life! I think we’re keeping Costa and Starbucks in business between us as some days I just have to get out of the house for a bit.

Eden also attended her very first Comic Con – London Super Comic Con. Never missing an opportunity to dress up, the first day she went as Wonder Woman and the second day she went as 12744146_10156637067675171_6424199351394754346_nRapunzel, with Amy as her tower. If that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is! Later in the day it was far too hot for Amy to carry her in the Lillebaby, so her pushchair made an excellent replacement tower. Of course we weren’t out to win prizes or anything but it was all good fun and she was photographed loads. We also had the lovely Katie Cook draw a portrait of Eden in her Wonder Woman outfit, which will go up on our dorky art wall with the rest of the bits and bobs that we have accumulated at various conventions. We’re both a bit nerdy – Amy especially – so I’m sure there will be lots of Comic Con in Eden’s Future.

As for me, things are fine. Everything is healed and I’m back in my pre pregnancy jeans. I


Mama, Eden and Great Nanny Ed. 

had a wobble last week where everything felt completely hopeless and I almost ended up at the doctor asking for treatment for what I thought was post natal depression, but I think that was a mixture of the onset of my first post partum, period (hooray…) and Mother’s Day, which is far from my favourite day of the year. I feel much better now, but of course will be keeping an eye on my welfare and Amy’s as well as that of our little munchkin.

So, that’s the three month update! This is a great age because she really is changing every day at the moment. We’re apparently now out of the “fourth trimester” and the “100 days of darkness”, so things should get a little easier from here on in.I still can’t believe that after the last few years I am actually writing about our three month old – I wonder when that will become real? I can’t wait to share with you all how she changes over the coming months and years!




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3 Responses to Eden at Three Months Old

  1. We are excited to hear all about Eden’s adventures over the years!!! Happy 3 months moms and baby!!

  2. Charlotte says:

    What a lovely smiley baby Eden is! It’s nice to hear how she’s getting on. Hope you’re ok with feeling a bit wobbly. Hormones must be flying all over the place, and giving birth, changing your whole life round, being at home, etc, is such a life altering thing, however much you’ve wanted it. Good that you know to visit the doctor if you needed to, though 🙂

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